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Vikings Embark On New Course for 2012 Football Season

August 26, 2012
Paul D Schreiber High School

On Wednesday, August 15th practices began for the 2012 football season. With Coach Jamel Ramsey at the helm, the Vikings have begun to chart their course and find their destiny in a new league. What is clearly apparent after watching practice is that a new page has been turned in this organization: there is a new focus, a new plan and new determination exhibited by the coaching staff and players who are intent on turning this program around.



The practice I had the chance to observe was run with a stopwatch like precision, broken down into conditioning, special teams/ individual skills, drills and play execution.  Fundamentals are emphasized. Hustle and commitment are demanded.



 Everything in the practice is planned, methodical and precise.  Each player has a job and responsibility both on and off the field at all times.  Even when players are on the sideline, each one is expected to perform a job whether it is to help coach junior players or yell pass when the ball is in the air. Even the water breaks are scheduled and timed!  It seems Coach Ramsey and his staff, are determined not to leave success to chance.



Another significant change over past years is that the Junior Varsity is now practicing with the Varsity to make sure both teams are on the same page and to assist in the development of the feeder program.




CoachRamsey has surrounded himself with an enthusiastic, dedicated and competent support staff including line coaches, Joe Simeone and Chris Camera, secondary and back coach Widmaier Aime, and linebacker and quarterback coach Erik Anderkwich.  The closely aligned Junior Varsity team is run by head coach, Greg Berry who is assisted by Henry Stanziale.



Players and coaches alike seem energized, optimistic and eager to go, responding positively to the instituted changes.  For fans and competitors one thing is certain, this will NOT be the Viking team of 2011 or 2010; a new ship has set sail.

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