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Columbus East Two Minute Drill

September 13, 2010
By Luke Martin of Columbus East High School

The O's passed another test on the season by beating Scott Buening's up and coming Jennings County Panther football squad, and more importantly the O's defense was able to hold Iyan Bass in check.
    Now that the O's are sitting atop the Hoosier Hills Conference at 2-0, they still control their own destiny of attempting to win the Hoosier Hills Conference for the seventh straight season.
    Due to being in West Lafayette, Indiana, on Saturday for the Purdue home opener, I got behind on my schedule for posting articles, which I do apologies to O's faithful.
    So let's not waste any more time and run through Luke Martin's two minute drill!
Biggest Defensive Surprise: O's Defensive Line
    -I am sure the whole defensive line has been waiting for me to talk positive about this group…well guys that time has come!
    The defensive line put together their best game of the year against the best running back they will see all year, in conference play. Everyone was on there A-game, and that was the biggest reason why Bass did not run wild.
    I thought Jon Hunter showed why he is going to be a huge playmaker for the O's defense this season, and Hunter broke out with a big game Friday night. I always enjoy watching him grow each and every week, and he is going to be a big weapon on the defensive line for East.
    Caleb Carson was also impressive, a young junior defensive lineman that is a name O's fans should remember. With Max Fischer being out it has opened the door for someone like Carson to step up and have an opportunity to make some plays.
    This is a young defensive group that is getting valuable playing time right now. This is a group that is going to be together for not just the rest of this season, they will be back for another year.
    No doubt Tyler Shadwick, Hunter, Collin Ruf, and Joey Tumey will be missed on the defensive line next year, but the younger players are starting to step up, which will only help this team continue to grow and mature.
    This defensive line took me by storm Friday night by shutting down Iyan Bass, someone who I thought would run all over the O's, especially after watching what happened week two of the season against the Bull Dogs.
    Anyways, Friday night the O's defensive line made a statement, that statement being they will not be beaten up, like they were week two, again.
Biggest Offensive Surprise: Scoring Drives
    -If any team in the state of Indiana thinks they have the best offense, I guarantee that team has yet to see this offense at work. The O's only had the football for just over two minutes in the first half, yet were leading the game 27-0. Jennings County had the ball for 22 minutes, yet were unable to get the ball into the end-zone for a touchdown, or even get a field goal.
    I was so surprised at how quick this offense scored, and how effective they are in such a short amount of time, regardless of what the other team is doing. What I mean by that is the O's were on the sideline for as long as seven minutes, with JC accomplishing what they wanted to do, yet East was still able to score in just a handful of seconds.
    I believe the East offensive starters ran a total of 17 plays Friday night against Jennings County…yes only 17 offensive plays.
    The way this offense has performed this year has been unreal, and the only way they can be stopped is if they shoot themselves in the foot, like they did against their arch rival.
    The Columbus East offense was phenomenal, like always, against Jennings County, and just the quickness at which they scored really surprised me.
Becoming more than a "minor" threat
    -Jeremy Minor has to be one of the biggest surprises not only on the Columbus East football team, but in the state of Indiana. The improvement this young man has made from his sophomore season to his junior season is like going from a Ryan Leaf to a Peyton Manning.
    I am totally surprised by how this young man has improved, and that he is even out on the field playing football. I can remember watching him play in the JV game against North last year thinking he will never see action in a varsity game.
    Well Minor…you made me eat my words BIG TIME.
    I have talked about him a lot over the past couple of weeks because he has earned every bit of the attention he is getting. All the handwork in the off-season, all the handwork in the weight room, and having to battle through all the negative talk he has heard about himself has paid off.
    Minor is a prime example of what good, old fashioned hard work can do. Minor was a player that did it the right way, and he is a player that just gave everything he had into everything he does.
    Minor knows that the NFL is probably an impossible task to accomplish, but that doesn't hold him back from being the best high school player he can be. He just strives to get better each and every day, no matter if the previous day was a bad one…because he lives to fight another day.
    If there is a young player out there that thinks just because they aren't physically or talent gifted like  Shane Henderson, and because they aren't gifted as much as a player like Henderson they can't be a good football player, just look at Minor.
    He was told he was not athletic enough, he was told he wasn't strong enough, and he was told he would never be good enough…yet look at Minor now, as he is starting on the O's defense, making big plays.
    He is turning into a MAJOR problem for opposing offenses, and he is going to be a MAJOR player for the O's the rest of this season, as well as his senior season.
Bass is overcooked…A-train come on through!
    -I already wrote about this Saturday (click here for article), but Andrew Wilson is officially the number one running back in the conference. It is time for people to wake up and realize that East isn't just a passing team.
    Talking to Wilson on the sideline throughout the games this year has been enjoyable for me, because nothing is satisfying for this player. Every time I talk to him on the sideline he always points out the downside in one of the smallest errors he makes.
    Wilson never remains settled and he is always looking to get better. That is why he is going to be a very successful running back, and why he will be the best running back in the Gaddis era…write that down in ink, carve that in stone, do whatever you have to do to remember I said that before anyone else.
The O's great "blockade"
    - I got to give props to the big guys up front for the O's, as well as the wide receivers. The O's offensive line did a great job in their blocking schemes against the Panthers Friday night, and that is one of the major reasons why the O's scored so quickly against the Panthers.
    Though, it wasn't just the O's offensive line getting into the "blockade", as the O's wide receivers had great nights blocking for their counterparts. Every receiver was holding their blocks and “pancaked” Panther defenders.
    That is one of the biggest things that goes un-noticed about this O's wide receiving core, is the fact they all block very well. Every receiver blocks well outside of the five yards near the line of scrimmage, as they block way down the field on a bust-out offensive play.
    Give Cole Thompson, Luke Hampton, Shane Henderson, and Jackson Renshaw props on being great blockers for the O's offense, as well as the five big guys up front.
Final Thoughts On Jennings County
    -I thought this was a great win for the O's, and they should be commended for it. The defense showed what kind of potential they have, and they will only get better, something I said would happen after the Columbus North game.
    Now it is the time for East to leave Columbus, Indiana, for the first time this year, as they head to New Albany Friday night. It will be a good test for the O's secondary, as New Albany is a team that tends to throw more than run.
    I will be covering the O's all week long on the website, and post multiple articles on the team throughout the week. Thanks to Casey Bolsega, again, for giving me such a great opportunity to write for the Colts website.

    Anyways, congrats to Coach Gaddis and the O's on a successful week and hoping for another great week of practices.

Luke Martin is a senior at Columbus East High School and would like to be reached for comments on his coverage. He can be reached at lukemartin@thelukemartinshow.com

For the best coverage of Columbus East Football, go to www.thelukemartinshow.com

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