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O's Bounce Back, Crush Seymour

September 13, 2010
By Luke Martin of Columbus East High School

The Seymour Owls were not looking forward to heading into Stafford Field to play the Columbus East Olympians, and that was before the O's lost to Columbus North, a team which routed the Owls in week one.
    After the O's lost to North, the Owls knew that they had very little to no chance at winning Friday night, especially against a fired up, ticked off O's squad.
    It was evident tonight that Columbus East moved on and forgot about the game against Columbus North, and they went out and took the fight to Seymour.
    The O's dominated from start to finish with the O's offense being able to get things clicking again, and the defense being able to play their best game of this young season.
    The defense looked great all week in practice, and the defense looked like they were coming off a huge emotional win, rather than a huge emotional loss. All the players were flying around, having great pursuit, and were actually learning how to tackle.
    They were fundamentally sound tonight against Seymour, and that is something I said yesterday that they would have to accomplish if they wanted to dominate this game. Seymour plays a disciplined style of football which forces their opponents to play fundamentally sound/discipline football, which the O's did tonight.
    The defensive line performed extremely well, especially when someone considers how newcomer David Johnson played. Johnson had a big game tonight for the O's, and he was surprised when I told him, "Korn Country wants to interview you after the post game speech from Gaddis," and he had a stunned look on his face after I told him that.
    Johnson is a very talented player and someone the O's need to have a big season. Remember this team is junior loaded, and to have a young sophomore like Johnson performing well is a huge plus.
    I thought the linebackers did a great job tonight, especially senior leader Eli Schoettmer. Schoettmer was able to bounce back after a low key type of game against North. He was huge for the O's defense tonight, and was a big reason why the O's only surrendered one touchdown to Seymour.
    Jeremy Minor said yesterday in our short texting conversation that he would have his first varsity interception tonight, but unfortunately for Minor he was unable to accomplish that task, despite having an overall good performance.
    Minor, Cordier, Staley, Maley, and Olds all were solid all night long, besides the TD pass that burnt the O's in the second quarter. Olds is starting to become a really special talent, Maley had a big INT ran back for a TD, and the two seniors, Staley and Cordier, are continuing to be great leaders.
    I haven't talked about Cordier much this week, but he really impresses me with his presence out on the field. He is one of those players, a lot like a  Chris Kramer type player, in which his presence alone out on the field helps the team, regardless if he makes a big play or not. He is a great leader and is one of the best in this senior class.
    Staley also had a big game tonight for the O's, and he is someone who continues to fight and play hard. Staley is the type of player that any coach would want because of his hard work ethic, heart, and determination. Staley has improved week by week, and he will look to continue that onto next week.
    It was a big night for the O's, and the O's should take their time and celebrate the win.
    Here is my recap of my three keys to victory that I set for the O's yesterday.
1. The Hangover?
    -Well just like Alan, Phil, and Stew how they were able to find Doug, the O's were able to find their "old self" tonight against Seymour.
    Luke Hampton had a phenomenal game tonight, and Hampton is a player who I have always been fond of. He is one of the hardest workers on the team, and he is such a great player and person.
    I am telling anyone in the state of Indiana, this wide receiver could be the number one wide receiver on multiple teams throughout this state. He is simply that good and he has spent a lot of time behind great wide outs.
    Though, Hampton doesn't look at it as a negative. He looks at it as a positive, and something that really speaks about the character of this young football player. He will be a huge "X-factor" for the O's this year.
    Gunner Kiel, despite leaving the game in the second half, had a phenomenal game. Kiel and the offense were just simply rolling, but the Owls just had no answer for the O's offense. Seymour forced the O's in to a fourth down and seventeen, or something like that, and Kiel threw a touchdown pass to Hampton.
    The O's played like a team that didn't feel sorry for themselves, or a team that is still walloping over a tough loss. The O's avoided the hangover extremely well.

2. Andrew Wilson continuing great play
    -I continue to be amazed by this young man and the way he continues to play. I know he was a little upset with the two fumbles he lost tonight, but this guy also had multiple yards for multiple touchdowns.
    I love this player because nothing satisfies him, just like the Kiel trio. All the Kiels, despite many people giving them confidence, never were satisfied, they kept striving and wanting to improve. That is the same for Wilson.
    Each and every week this guy is improving. Each week he is making strides into the right direction, and each week he continues to prove the doubters wrong.
    I got hammered, for some odd reason, for saying this young man can be the best running back East has ever seen. Well, continue to hammer me more because I am continuing to say he has the capability.
    Wilson fits the mold of what Gaddis has been looking for ever since he came to East. Wilson has some more work to do, but he is someone that will never be satisfied with whatever numbers he acquires.
    As I was attempting to cheer Wilson up on the sidelines I said, "Hey, want me to ask Gaddis to put me into the game, so you can see just how good you are?"
    Wilson played phenomenal despite the two miscues, but that was bound to happen. I give Wilson a very good grade for continuing his great play.

3. Defensive Line needs to show improvement

    -Everyone please stand up and applaud the defensive line because they played their best game of the season tonight. The defensive line really took the game a week ago to heart, and they all wanted to show how good they really are.
    Caleb Carson is someone who is a player that people need to be on the lookout for, as well as David Johnson, a young player that can make an impact for the O's not only for this season but in future seasons.
    Collin Ruf was able to have a big night, as well as Joey Tumey. All the others played extremely well, but a lot of that has to do with comparing their performance against Columbus North to what they showed tonight.
    Tonight is the type of night this defensive line has the capability of producing. They now know they are capable of being a pretty good defensive line, but they still have a lot of work left to do.
    No one said this would be easy, but Coach Vogel and Coach Martin were able to help the defensive line bounce back from an embarrassing game last week.

Overall Thoughts
    -O's got a big win tonight and they deserve it. I couldn't be prouder of this team and what they were able to accomplish tonight, especially after last week.
    Be sure to go to my website and check out my post game interview with head coach Bob Gaddis along with Luke Hampton, and also be sure to check out the highlights from the game.


Luke Martin is a senior at Columbus East High School and would like to be reached for comments on his coverage. He can be reached at lukemartin@thelukemartinshow.com

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