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Harpeth vs. Giles County - Regional Playoff Recap

March 9, 2012
Harpeth High Athletics


The Harpeth boys came out of the gate Tuesday night with a 3-0 lead with one of TJ Reese’s two 3’s on the night. Harpeth jumped to an early 7-2 lead but Giles fought back to tie it at 7 apiece. From the start of the game Giles crashed the boards and had athleticism Harpeth could not match. The score would remain tied until Blake Jimenez had a turn around jumper to beat the first quarter buzzer. Not only did this give them the 14-11 lead but it also changed the momentum of the game. Giles zone defense stifled Harpeth all night. It especially showed when Harpeth only had three points in the second quarter. Those three points coming from junior Tanner Newton who made it with under thirty seconds to go. Harpeth went into halftime down 24-14. 
Harpeth had a very slow start coming out of halftime scoring three points in the first five minutes. Then Harpeth found the open man, sophomore Davis Anderton who hid three straight three’s to give Harpeth some hope. With the last shot of the third quarter he had a chance to make it four in a row but Cole Bradshaw was there for the tip in at the buzzer. Harpeth went into the final quarter down by 10, 38-28. 
If Harpeth could have found the open man more it would have changed everything. All night long Giles would have two guys converge on the ball. Normally, leaving an open man in the corner. Harpeth rarely attacked the basket it and it showed. Harpeth kept themselves in it, until the fourth quarter when Giles really took advantage of the mismatches. Giles crashed the boards hard all game and were just flat out more athletic than Harpeth.
I want to congratulate the boys on a fine District-winning championship season and can’t wait to see next year’s squad. All the seniors laid their hearts out on the line tonight, but in the end, it was just still not enough to knock off Giles Co.  Davis Anderton led Harpeth in scoring with 11 and he will be the key to Harpeth’s success next year. Jaron Marlow had four late points in his limited 3 mintues in the final quarter. Marlow will more than likely be the starting point guard next year. His running mates will most likely be: juniors Ethan Hurt, Austin Dole, Tanner Newton. 
If there is any good news that came out of tonight, Cheatham County did lose to Spring Hill by a score of 92-45. Next year will be tougher without a proven point guard on the team. The district remains to look very good with Creekwood, Cheatham, and Camden all returning key players. Harpeth laid it all out, but they still could not match the claw of the mighty Bobcats of Giles County. Coach Jaime Wilson summed it up best, We just ran into a buzzsaw tonight."
Andrew Fisher - iHigh Staff Writer and Broadcast Team


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