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I've never skied before, can I join the Nordic Ski Team?

YES!!!  We love new skiers!  In fact, the majority of our skiers have very little experience with nordic skiing before joining the team.


Do I need to have my own skis to join the team?

No; you don't need to buy skis right away.  We have lots of old skis, boots and poles to get you started.  Eventually you'll want to buy your own gear, but we understand that you probably want to try it  before you buy it.


Can middle school students join?

Yes; middle school students are encouraged to join.  Students from the high schools and middle schools practice together.  Sound intimidating?  Don't worry, we have lots of fun team building activities to help everyone get to know each other.  By the end of the first few weeks it feels like one big Nordic family. 


Where does the Nordic Team practice?

We practice at a variety of sites in and around South Washington County.  Practice sites include The Ravine in Cottage Grove, Battle Creek, and Lake Elmo.


How do I get to practice?

You can drive yourself or get a ride.  Check with other skiers at your school to see if you can set up a carpool.