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2012-2013 Michigan Ski Trip Waiver Form

December 4, 2012
By Joseph Wacker of Park Cottage Grove High School Nordic Skiing

The waiver form for this season's Michigan trip has been posted on the homepage of the PWER Nordic ski website.  It is posted under the recent document section of the PWER Homepage, which can be found in the center near the bottom of the webpage.

I have copied and pasted the information from the hand out onto this e-mail below.  I encourage all athletes that plan to attend this trip and their parents to take time to read through this information. Please bring all questions about the trip to practice.

Waiver Form information:


Nordic skiers and parents:


            The Nordic ski team is planning our annual Ironwood, MI ski trip for December 27th to December 29th.  The goal of this trip is to bring our athletes together in one central location for an extended period of time in order to work on conditioning, technique, and a sense of team.  We will be loading from East Ridge High School that Thursday at 6:00 a.m. and departing from the high school at 6:30 a.m.  We will arrive at the Black River Lodge, quickly unpack, and then depart to ABR ski trails late in the morning, and have the rest of the afternoon to ski.  Dinner is supplied on Thursday and Friday evenings.  Athletes will be able to ski all day on Friday.  On Saturday morning, we will ski for a couple hours, load the bus, and be on our way home by 2:00 p.m.  We will return to East Ridge High School between 6~7 PM.


            We are staying at the Black River Lodge.  The ski team has stayed at this lodge during this trip for many years.  We have several rooms and condos booked at the lodge and who is staying in which room will be determined by gender.  All rooms will either be all girls or all boys. Below is Black River Lodge’s address and website.


Address:   N12390 Black River Road Ironwood, MI 49938

E-mail:     http://www.blackriverlodge.net/


            Due to busing and lodging capacity restrictions there is enough room for 48 athletes to come on this ski trip.  There are over 80 athletes on the PWER Nordic ski teams so there is not enough space for everyone to come on this trip.  In order to give every athlete a fair shot at reserving a spot on the Michigan ski trip the coaching staff has come up with a process for determining who can come on the trip.

            -At 6:00 P.M. on Friday December 7th all athletes that want to reserve a spot for the   ski Michigan ski trip need to text Coach Wacker at (651) 324-1724.

            -In the text athletes should state their name, what school they ski for, and what grade       they are in.  Only one athlete’s information should be sent in each text.

            -All text messages will be documented in the order that they are received.

            -The first 48 athlete text messages that Coach Wacker receives will be reserved a spot on the ski trip.

            -It is first come, first serve.  So make sure you send your message on ASAP.  Note: Any   text message received before 6:00 P.M. on Friday December 7th will not be counted.

            -An e-mail will be sent out to the team documenting who has reserved a spot on the trip.

            -Once an athlete has been confirmed that they have reserved a spot on the trip, they          should fill out the waiver strip at the bottom of this document and give it to one of the           coaches along with a check for the ski trip made out to the PWER Nordic Booster Club.

            -Checks and permission slips are due December 14th.


            The cost of this trip is going to be somewhere between $90.00 and $140.00.  The final price will be established early next week.  This cost will include 2 nights lodging, 3 days of skiing and 2 dinners.  We have chartered a bus from Richfield Bus Company—the cost of this bus has been paid in full by the Booster club.  Coaches, as well as a several parents will be chaperoning.  There will be a total of 7 adults on the trip.


            Full payment is due by December 20th to Coach Joe Wacker.  This has been an extremely valuable trip in the past and I encourage all athletes to try and attend this trip.  If you have any questions please feel free to call Coach Wacker at 651-324-1724.



Info for athletes

1.                  When you are assigned roommates please communicate with them and arrange for breakfast and lunch.  You can bring food, but please do not bring multiple coolers or bags of food, try to simplify as much as possible.

2.                  Bring Plenty of warm clothes for skiing, but please do not bring your whole wardrobe, there is only so much room on the bus.

3.                  Bring all skis, poles, boots etc.  Please have a bag to put all your ski equipment in.  Clearly label your equipment by putting your name or colored tape on your items.

4.                  Bring your enthusiasm to ski.  We will be skiing for several hours each day.

5.                  We expect good behavior.  If coaches or chaperones deem your behavior is not conducive to the trip, you will be sent home at the cost of the family of the individual sent home.

Thank you,

The PWER Nordic ski coaching staff.


Emergency calls may be made to my (Joe Wacker) cell phone 651.324.1724

We are staying at the Black River Lodge; its phone number is 906-932-3857






Please sign and return with a phone number we can call in case of emergency.


_____________________ has permission to attend the Park/Woodbury Nordic ski trip from Dec. 27th – 29th.  By signing I am giving my permission to attend, as well as allowing the coaches to make any necessary decisions in the event of an emergency.  I also understand that School District 833 and any part of it are not responsible for any accidents or injuries.f



___________________________                              ___________________________

Guardian Signature and date                                                  Emergency phone #



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