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Regular Practice Locations For Each School

November 12, 2012
By Joseph Wacker of Park Cottage Grove High School Nordic Skiing

During the dry-land part of the ski season athletes will be participating in two types of practices; Large-Group Practices and At-School Practices.  


Large Group Practices are when all three high schools get together at a specific location and practice as one large group.  The specific location for Large Group Practices can be found on the team calendar located on the Nordic Website's homepage.


At-School Practices are when the three different Nordic ski teams practice seperately at their own Highschools.  On these days each Nordic team will start practice at a specific location at their highschool.  These locations are:


East Ridge: The hallway between the weight room and the athletic trainer's office.  This area is also right next to the Mens Locker room.


Park: Inside the entrance to the activity doors.  This area is located between the fieldhouse and the girls locker room.  There is a stuffed wolf in a glass case right next to our meeting spot.


Woodbury: The hallway between the pool entrance and the varsity basketball gym.  This is the same area where the Woodbury cross-country team met for practice.  It is close to vending machines.


On  days when the athletes are doing At-School Practices they should meet at their highschools spot that is listed above before practice begins.

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