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Thank you.

April 19, 2014
By Charles Battles of Mt. Zion Spring Sports

This is my 17 year in the county and my 14 year at Mount Zion. I have lead the girls team to three region titles and two region runner up titles. The victory on Thursday gave me my sixth banner in the gym and my first boys banner.

There are a lot of people that deserve thanks for this happening. First and foremost I have to thank the guys. There are couple of you who bought in early on and your success paved the way for the rest to jump on board. Our team is all home grown, no one can say we recruit. We take who we get and make champions of them. The level of commitment and work ethic for my returning guys is unmatched. I truly believe I could give the work out and walk away and my champions would ensure it gets done. This type of resolve will take them all far in life.

This journey started three years ago and many people have helped make this a reality. Coach Mike and the Georgia Stars, Coach Adams, Coach Booe, Coach Waters all have helped us get where we are. Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do. We also have to thank the parents who have made it possible and have given time and money; thank you.

We are not there yet guys. We have to stay focused on the true goal; a state title.

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