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It's District Playoff Time!

February 19, 2012
By ED Broderick of Todd County Central High School

1) Forget about the scouts and the newspapers...they come to see players...make them see A TEAM!! It doesn´t matter what they write in their columns...Just Win!

2) Don´t change what got you this far...don´t try to be a leading scorer if you´ve never done it before...you owe it to your team-mates to play within yourself.

3) Enjoy the moment...when you get old, you won´t remember the game...you will remember the Battle...and the brothers or sisters who stood there with you.

4) Moms and Dads are great...but this is not their time...follow your coaches lead...one voice..one purpose...one team!

5) The little things you do to help your team...make all the difference in the world...every successful inbound pass, every rebound, every "dive" for a loose ball...will determine the outcome!

6) Have your mom or dad save newspaper clippings about your team..BUT DON´T YOU READ THEM UNTIL THE SEASONS OVER...you have to play...not the news people..don´t get poisoned by what you read.

7) Reputations and rankings don´t mean JACK...on any given night you can beat anyone!

8) Referees make mistakes. It´s part of the game. Captains should learn the ref´s last name, put Mr. or Ms. before it when you speak to them, and watch things turn your way.

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