Marquette Cross Country's Announcements

JUNE 6 PVH - Thanks to all of the cross country runners & alum who participated & helped at the PVH this weekend! This Frisbee Five Fun run was in honor of Paige Hicks, an alum of MHS XC & Track who passed away last year. Your participation made this day a big success!
JUNE 5 SERVICE REQUIREMENT - Vets: In order to be eligible for the travel meet in fall, you must participate/complete 2 days of service for the team. We have 3 events that you can participate in--and one of these has passed (PVH-Frisbee Five Fun Run). Thanks to the following Marquette athletes who volunteered or participated in the PVH on June 5th (and have achieved one day of service): Dan Lasker, Ryan Novatny, Colin Strate, Jeff Orf, Brendan Curran, Caroline Lesch, Audrey Enright, Elly Flores, Shelby Hummel, Daniel Stumpf, Cameron Yuan, Drew Roley, Andrew Bemus, Ted Castillo, Sarah Dorsey (Let us know if we missed listing your name too). Keep us the great work!