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2013 Learn To Swim Summer Program

March 28, 2013
By bill williams of Platte City Parks Department

Platte City Parks and Recreation sponsors a Learn to Swim Program for Infants and up each summer
at the Platte City Public Pool off 4th Street.  The following is a list of level that are offered:

     Infant and Preschool Aquatic Programs (6 Months - 2 Years):

          These :30 minute lessons are designed to develop a comfort level in and around the water
          and a readiness to swim.

     Little Tikes (3 - 5 Years Old):

          Water activities and work on supported movement elementary forms of propulsion, using
          Floatation devices effectively, appropriate water safety skills and parent safety skills. 
          Parent or guardian must accompany child in the water.

     Level 1 (Water Exploration)

          Fully submerge face and blow bubbles, support floating and kicking on front and back
          alternating arm action, water safety rules, how to get help in an emergency, how to 
          perform reaching assists without equipment, how to use a life jacket.

     Level 2 (Primary Skills)

          Develop maximum efficiency and endurance for rythmic breathing, combined stroke on
          front and back, back crawl, turning over, reaching and extension assist, rescue breathing.

     Level 3 (Stroke Readiness)

          Back crawl,m elementary backstgroke kick, coordinated arm stroke with breathing for
          front crawl, tread water, dive from poolside, self-rescue skills and rescue breathing.

     Level 4 (Stroke Development)

          Develop confience and competency in front crawl with rotary breathing, back crawl
          elementary backstroke, scissors kick deep water bobbing, turns at the wall, poolside
          diving from stride standing positions.

     Level 5 (Stroke Refinement)

          Refinement of breaststroke, sidestroke, front and back crawls, elementary back,
          butterfly, altering breathing, standing.

     Lefel 6 (Skill Proficiency)

          Floating and kicking on front and back strokes and treading water, fly tgurns, tuck and
          pike surface diving, approach and hurdle on diving board, throwing assists, how to roll 
          spinal injury victim face up.

The skills listed for the class will be accomplished by the end of the session. If your child has
completed all the skills listed, advance to the next level.

     Session date:

          Session #1 - 6/20/11 thru 6/30/11
          Session #2 - 7/5/11 thru 7/14/11
          Session #3 - 7/18/11 thru 7/28/11

      Registration starts:  5/10/11

     Class fee:  $40.00 per child per class.

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