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The mission of the Osseo High School Football Booster Club is to support and advance the development of the Osseo High School football program.




The vision of the Osseo High School Football Booster Club is to enhance the overall high school football experience for Osseo student athletes.  This will be done through fundraising to support the financial needs of running a quality high school football program, and by organizing team events for players, coaches, parents, and fans.  All club actions will revolve around the five principles of the program:  family, faith, academics, fun, and football.  The Osseo Football Booster Club will strive to achieve a high school football program of highest student participation and sportsmanship.

Mission Statement Evaluation Criteria: All club decisions should be consistent with the club Mission Statement. This can be ensured by evaluating ALL decisions based on the following criteria:

  1. Are resources available or has a plan for resources been presented.
  2. The coach will assess how the decision fits in with the guidelines and philosophies established by the line of authority governing the football program.
  3. Will this decision directly benefit a part of the football program.

Line of Authority: The Football Booster Club is part of the football program. As such, it falls under the same line of authority as the football team does. The club is therefore subject to regulation by the coach, the school and district administration, and the state high school league.

Club Philosophy: The purpose of the Booster Club is to support the football program and football parents through a collaborative and enjoyable team effort. This can only be accomplished by working together to develop resources and foster supportive and cooperative relationships. It is therefore critical for the club to maintain a positive and cooperative, sometimes compromising atmosphere. All members will be expected to work toward creating and supporting such an atmosphere.

Club Membership: Anyone interested in the Osseo Senior High football program may attend and participate in meetings. However, only current coaches and current or prospective parents may be part of the quorum or hold leadership positions.

Quorum: The quorum is the group of eligible voters present at a meeting. For a quorum to take place, at least twelve eligible members must be present. All parents of current or prospective players for the following season and coaches are eligible to be part of the quorum.

Club Leadership: The club will appoint the following positions:

  • Club Director
  • Assistant Club Director
  • Financial Coordinator
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator
  • Concessions Coordinator
  • Banquet Coordinator

Terms: All persons in a leadership position may remain in that position indefinitely, provided that they continue to qualify as a current or prospective parent. However, at the beginning of the new year, preferably at our post-season meeting, all persons in leadership positions must be re-elected by the quorum. The coach has the authority to deny the re-nomination of any of the club leadership positions.

Director and Assistant Director: The Club Director may not hold any other leadership position. The Club Director and head coach will nominate up to three candidates for the position of Assistant Club Director. A vote of the quorum will take place to select the Assistant Club Director. This person will assist the Club Director with their duties. Once the Club Director position becomes vacant, the head coach has the choice to nominate the Assistant Club Director to become the Club Director. If the coach nominates this person, the quorum will vote. If the vote is against this person becoming the Club Director, the coach and the outgoing Director will select three new candidates to be nominated and voted on by the quorum. This would also be the procedure followed in the event that the coach decides against nominating the person or if the person simply turns down the nomination.

Coordinators: Coordinator positions are open to all current or prospective parents for the following season, with the exception of the acting Club Director. Each coordinator position should consist of two individuals. A lead coordinator, most likely returning from the previous season and a coordinator in training, ideally to become the lead coordinator the following season. Coordinators should be nominated at-large by members of the quorum.

Decision Making: All decisions will be based on motions presented and approved at club meetings qualifying as quorums. The established quorum for the Booster Club is of no less than twelve eligible members. While adhering to our philosophy of a positive, cooperative, and compromising atmosphere, it is acceptable and healthy for open discussion and disagreement to occur. The key in achieving our philosophy will be for the club director to keep such discussion from becoming personal or out of control and to follow our established guidelines in appealing or finalizing decisions. Once a decision has been finalized, it is expected that it will not be questioned any further and that all members will support the decision. The following procedural steps will be followed:

A motion made by the head coach: The coach may make a motion himself, through a self-appointed designee, or through the Club Director. All motions will be taken to a vote. If the vote is a tie or favors the motion, it will be passed. However, if the motion does not pass, any of the following may occur:

  • The motion will not pass. The coach may amend the motion and resubmit it immediately.
  • The coach may table the motion for the next meeting in order to amend it.
  • The coach may appeal the vote.

Appeals Procedure: When a motion has been voted down, the coach may request an appeal. When the coach requests an appeal, the following will occur:

  • A group of four volunteers will be selected from the quorum to form the Appeals Committee. Two must come from either voting side, and if possible, none may have been actively involved in arguing for or against the motion.
  • This committee will meet briefly, preferably immediately following the meeting and will briefly hear out the coach's reasoning for the motion. The group will then evaluate the motion privately, using the mission statement evaluation criteria as its guidelines in establishing whether or not the motion is reasonable. If it is not found to be unreasonable based on evaluation of the criteria, the committee will rule to approve the motion.
  • The committee will come to agreements on whether or not to allow the motion to pass.
  • The committee will provide a brief written statement explaining their decision as it relates to the evaluation of the club's mission statement. The statement will be forwarded to the Club Director. The director will inform the coach of the outcome.

A Motion Made by A Club Member:
Motions by club members requesting over $300 must be brought to the attention of the head coach prior to the meeting. Motions by club members will also be subject to open discussion. Following such discussion, a vote of the quorum will take place. If the vote is a tie or favors the motion, it will automatically be passed. However, if the motion is voted down, any of the following may occur:

  • The motion will not pass.
  • The member may amend the motion and resubmit it immediately.
  • The member may table the motion for the next meeting in order to amend it.
  • The coach may at any time oppose and reject a motion. If the coach was not in attendance at the meeting, he may table the motion passed until the next meeting.

Football Budget: The coach will, through a motion, propose a budget for the year at the spring meeting. This budget may be amended by the coach at any meeting provided appropriate motion. This budget is to include a miscellaneous allowance for use at the coach's need and discretion.

Operational Budget: An operational budget will be prepared by the Club Director to be voted on by the quorum. Each coordinator should submit their proposed needs and work with the Director in creating the budget. This budget should include a miscellaneous allowance.

Emergency or Additional Funds: In the event of an emergency, the coach can request up to 50% of the bank balance but no more than $1500, whichever is lesser. The coach also has the option to reallocate budgetary items to accommodate a new request. This request will then be voted on at the following meeting, or in the case of an emergency, a telephone vote of the club leadership will occur. If the vote is a tie or favors the request, it will be approved.

Checking Account Management: The Financial Coordinator will manage the checkbook and should bring it to all club meetings and events. The checking account should require two signatures on checks. The account should be set-up so that three people are authorized to provide the two required signatures. These three individuals are: the Club Assistant Director, the Club Financial Coordinator, and the Club Administrative Coordinator. These three people may not be related. Every year, before the Spring meeting, an audit of the checking account will be performed. The purpose of the audit is to establish financial status and account for all expenditures.

Amendments to Guidelines: These guidelines were established to facilitate the smooth operation of the club. At any time, the coach may request that these guidelines be reviewed. Club members wishing to review guidelines must do so through a quorum vote. Any revisions or amendments need to be approved by the coach and the quorum. A copy of the revised guidelines will be kept by the coach and the Administrative Coordinator.

Meeting Structure: All meetings should follow this agenda:

  • Call to Order (Director)
  • Adoption of Agenda (Director)
  • Approval of Last Minutes (Administrative Coordinator)
  • Financial Report (Financial Coordinator)
  • Committee Updates (All Coordinators)
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment