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Osseo Football Records

We would like to thank Jon Hersch for all his great work compiling these records. It's difficult to take pride in tradition without the history.

If you are an alumnus and have any documentation to further enhance these records, please contact Jon Hersch  .

Osseo Football records are organized into three main areas: single-game records (both individual and team), season records (individual and team), and career records for individuals. In each of these areas are lists of the top ten performances since 1959 in several categories.

These season and career records are based on nine games per season from 1959 to the present. Single-game records are based on any one game. Minnesota high school football teams played no more than nine games per season until 1972 when the playoff system leading to the Prep Bowl began. Most of these statistics have been researched mainly through Minneapolis Star-Tribune archives. We do not have any game statistics before 1959 because the Star-Tribune began publishing Osseo football game statistics when the Skyline Conference was formed in 1959. Before that time, Osseo was not in a conference considered to be a part of the Twin City metro area. Osseo was part of the Rum River Conference prior to 1959.

Some Osseo football coaches distributed season-summary booklets to players at the end of the season; however, the current staff does not have copies of most of these booklets. We do have twelve booklets from the following seasons: 1967, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1994, and 1995. The football staff would greatly appreciate it if former players who still have their booklets would share them with us so that we can make these records more accurate. We would certainly return those booklets. If any players would wish to donate their booklet to the program, we'd love to have a complete set for our record-keeping.

Many of these lists are incomplete, especially career lists, until we have access to more season-summary booklets because we often need statistics from two, or sometimes three consecutive seasons for accurate career numbers. The reason several records are missing game 9 statistics is that for awhile (our guess is from 1983 - recently) the Star-Tribune published metro conference final statistics at the end of the regular season, meaning after 8 games. The playoffs begin with game #9.

We do have a record of season win-loss records from the first year of Osseo High School, 1924, to the present, and we have actual game scores from 1950 to the present (except for four games in the 1953 season). Before 1950, game score records are incomplete. If any Osseo alumni have Osseo High School yearbooks from 1954(that would include the '53 football season), or the forties, thirties, or twenties, we'd love to look through them to update our records. Again, we would certainly return the yearbooks.