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October 15, 2014
W H Adamson JROTC

W.H. ADAMSON HIGH SCHOOL, was initially known as OAK CLIFF CENTRAL SCHOOL, it was established in1888. Originally, all 12 grades were taught in a house located at 8th street and Lancaster.The first graduating class, in the fall of 1893, had just 3 students . In 1901, the school moved to 10th street and St. George (now Patton St).The school’s name was changed to Oak Cliff High School and Mr. William Hardin Adamson became principal. In 1904, Oak Cliff was annexed by the city of Dallas and Oak Cliff High School became part of the Dallas School System.


Following the construction of a larger building in 1915, Oak Cliff High School moved to our present location.The Dallas Cadet Corps was established that same year. The Dallas School System paid for the required equipment and the instructors salaries, the students bought their own uniforms.


As America sparred with Pancho Villa along it’s southern border, and eventually moved closer to entering world war I, the passage of the National Defense Act of 1916, also known as the “hay” act established the JROTC as a federally sponsored program.This provided the basis to transform the Dallas Cadet Corps into the 2nd regiment, DISD, an official JROTC unit.


Following the death of W.H. Adamson in 1936, Oak Cliff High School was renamed W. H. Adamson High School in his honor. In 1966, we were again reorganized and designated the 2nd battalion of the DISD JROTC Brigade.At the end of this school year we will have completed 96 years of service.




Appreciate the ethical values and principles that underlie good citizenship.

Develop leadership potential, while living and working cooperatively with others.

Be able to think logically and to communicate effectively with others, both orally and writing

Appreciate the importance of physical fitness in maintaining good health

Understand the importance of high school graduation for a successful future and learn about college and employment opportunities

Develop mental management abilities

Become familiar with military history as it relates to America’s culture, and understands history, purpose, and Structure of the military services.

Develop the skills necessary to work effectively as a member of a team.





The Senior Army Instructor (SAI)



Sergeant Major A. Turner







 Master Sergeant J. FORBISH


                                                     ARMY INSTRUCTOR (AI)


1SG  Sergeant C. Jones


The Student Chain of Command


                                                   The Battalion Commander



                                               C/LTC Melissa Ramirez



The Battalion Executive Officer



Battalion CommandSergeantMajor



    C/CSM Angel De La Cerda


The Administrative Officer (S-1)


                                                           C/CPT Cecilia Mendez






 S-2Security Officer 


C/CPT  Itzayana Matehuala




The Training Officer (S-3)



C/MAJ Blanca Rodarte



The Logistics Officer (S-4)


                                                        C/CPT Andrea Gonzalez



The Public Information Officer (S-5)



C/CPT Arianna Trejo


                                        Unit 1:  Introduction to Citizenship

                                                         24 hours

                                        Unit 2:  Leadership Theory

                                                        46 hours

                                        Unit 3:  Foundations for Success 

                                                       86 hours

                                        Unit 4:  Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid 

                                                        28 hours

                                        Unit 5:  Geography and Earth Science

                                                         2 hours

                                        Unit 6:  Citizenship and American History

                                                        44 hours

                                                 Leadership Application

                                                        80 hours

                                                                      Physical Activity

                                                     Cadet Challenge

                                                        40 hours


                                           Service Learning/Community Service

                                                        40 hours


                                                        96 hours

                                                  LET 4 Mandatory Options

                                                        34 hours

                                                      Approved Electives

                                                        50 hours


                                                 Academics       130 hours

                                                 Electives            50 hours

                                                  Grand Total      180 hours

                                                                     Classroom Procedures

                               Student MUST be in their class and seated at 9:00.

                                                  9:05 – 9:10 will be Tardy. 

                                                     After 9:15 will be Truant.                          

                                   1. Be seated quietly at your assigned  desk

                  2. When Tardy Bell ring stand up and assume the position of attention.                                   

                                  3. Roll will be taken                         

                                  4. When your name is called answer “Here Sergeant Major”


                                                                               TARDY POLICY

1ST Offense:  Parent will be called and the tardy policy will be sent home with student.

2nd Offense:  Parent must come in the morning with the student to school

3rd Offense:  One day in school suspension

4th Offense:  Three days in school suspension

5th Offense:  Consequences decided by the Administration

                                                                              Grading Policy

                                  Test, homework, daily class assignments, quizzes 20%

                               Reports, written or oral                                          20%

                                    Wearing the Uniform (Inspection is included)      40%

                                Class participation and/or attitude                         20%

                                                                                                              Total                    100%


                                                 UNIFORMS will be worn when advised,

                                                                there are NO MAKE Ups W/O prior




                                                                      Marksmanship Training

                    Our Rifle Team is rated in the top 10% in the Nation and #1 in Dallas, Texas



                                                                        Armed Drill Team



                                                                     Unarmed Drill Team



                                                                   MALE COLOR GUARD



                                                                 FEMALE COLOR GUARD



                                                                   Physical Fitness Teams






                                                                      Field Trips


                                                                        Military Ball

                                              HAVE FUN


                                                                     AND ENJOY


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