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Fall 2012 Grant Process Information

October 16, 2012
By Gary Maki of East Ridge PSO

The 2012 Fall PSO Grant Application has now closed, as applications were due October 15th.

Now, all accepted applications must be presented on Tuesday, November 13th beginning at 7:00 PM in the Library on the 2nd floor at East Ridge High School (enter via the Main Entrance, not the Activities Entrance).

Presentations are made on a first come, first served basis so arrive early to go sooner.   Each group has 5 minutes to present followed by a short question period.  It is highly encouraged to attend all presentations. This meeting can be 2 hours long, so plan ahead.

If your application does not have a representative to present, your application will not survive the review process.

We have received 14 applications for this Fall Grant Cycle.

You may be contacted in advance if we have preliminary questions after our initial review.  We have may questions that we'd either like to know in advance or as a "heads up" for something to address during your presentation.  While it is not our intent to sneek up on anyone, quesitons can also come up during the presentation.  

Therefore, it is helpful to have someone present that is knowledgeable about the grant application item and your group.

It may also be helpful to review once again the overall process and the FAQ's via the link below.

Good luck to your group!

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Grant applications are emailed and due October 15th.  Grant applications must be presented at the November 13th PSO meeting and award decisions are communicated in December.

The Grant Application form and instructions can be found on the ERHS website under Parents and Parent-Staff Organization:  Click here for the

Grant Application Form:


Additional helpful documents include, which we highly encourage reviewing to help you increase your chances of an approved grant and smoother process for all

Grant Process Overview: http://www.ihigh.com/school25157/document_28552.html

Grant FAQ’s:   http://www.ihigh.com/school25157/document_14420.html

Applications and any questions should be sent to the grant committee at:  erhs.psogrants@gmail.com


Good Luck to your organization!

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