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Roseville Tournament Player Notes

January 9, 2014
Andover Girls Basketball

Roseville Tournament Player Notes

12/31/2013, 9:30am CST
By Marc Hugunin

Who are the top 5 players in the Raiders holiday get-together?

Monica Burich, Roseville, 6-2, junior, forward
Burich put up as dominant a performance as I’ve seen yet this year, doing it all on both ends of the court against a Top Ten opponent. The numbers: 21 points on 9-of-16 shooting (1-of-2 3-pointers, 8-of-14 2s, just 2-of-6 from the line). Ten rebounds, 2 of them on the offensive end leading to 4 Roseville points, 2 on a Burich putback. Five steals, one assist, 4 turnovers.
And, 1-of-12. Those are Burich’s defensive numbers and Haydn Becker’s offensive numbers. One-of-12 shooting for just 6 points. Burich chased Andover’s leading scorer all over the court and frustrated the heck out of her, both figuratively and literally. Becker’s first (and only) bucket didn’t come until 13:00 of the second half, and it was one less than her two charging fouls as she forced things a little bit in an attempt to get her offensive game going. Even her one and only bucket was a fiendishly difficult scoop shot under and through the defense.
The best thing about Burich’s game, even better than her defense, was her willingness to shoot, to be the focus of Roseville’s offense. Burich is famous for a reluctance to shoot. Granted, she always had a lot of great teammates, and her teams have won without a lot of Burich offense. Still, her reluctance to shoot has been noted. Well, now Roseville needs her offense, and there she was, also cementing her place as a very likely high D1 recruit in the process.
Haydn Becker, Andover, 5-10, senior, guard
Becker is among the best Minnesota seniors who have not yet made a college commitment, though it appears that a nice, solid, “high D2” opportunity will come her way. And it should. She has a great basketball IQ. She’s not the quickest, nor jumps the highest, but she’s in the right place and has the skills to execute what needs to be done.
Now, she couldn’t get over, under, around or through Monica Burich, but there’s no shame in that.

Sara Hain, Roseville, 6-1, sophomore, post
Sara Hain is maturing physically and becoming a more aggressive player mentally. She scored 12 points, with 7 rebounds and 3 blocks, and that pretty much describes her night. Not dominant, but certainly a consistent presence in the paint.
Maria Ascher, Roseville, 5-10, senior, guard
Did not match up with Haydn Becker much so it’s hard to draw the comparison, but Ascher certainly had the more successful night with 7 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and a steal. She’s not as polished as a player, which is fitting as she is a softball star who hasn’t played summer hoops. But she’s physical and feisty and is basically Roseville’s second option in most phases of the game.
Madi Hahn, Andover, 5-10, senior, forward
Hahn is a sneaky scorer. You don’t notice her because there’s no real signature move. You don’t see her score the same way twice in a row. She hits the three. She back cuts to the rim, where her teammates are good at finding her. She gets to the line. And the first thing you know, she’s got 10 or 12 points. Last night it was 11. Her other numbers—one rebound, one assist, two steals—are also fairly typical. She’s a scorer and a team can do well with her as the second option.
Jolene Daninger, Andover, 5-5, freshman, guard
Above are the five all-tournament picks. The next best player on the court was Andover freshman Jolene Daninger. In terms of long-term potential, she quite obviously moves higher up in the pecking order. She is solid with the ball, pushes the pace, penetrates, dishes, scores both at the rim and from outside. She doesn’t do any of those things as consistently as she will someday, and she can get a little bit stronger, especially on defense. But she’s a player.

Kassi Hofschild, Amanda Leger, Katie Yoder, Andover, guards
Andover’s other three starters are all perimeter players who are more likely to pop the three than score in any other way. Leger and Yoder each hit one, Hofschild didn’t, and together they were 2-of-9 on the three, 2-of-11 on the two. Yoder starts at the 1 but now shares time with Daninger. All handle/protect/move the ball and move well without the ball, but mostly their role is to get it to Becker and Hahn where Becker and Hahn can score.
Anita McCoy, Roseville, 5-9, senior, forward
Back after missing six games, McCoy could/should be Roseville’s second scoring option with more consistent playing time. In the past, she’s demonstrated a nice stroke on her jump shot. Last night, she scored mostly inside, including some acrobatic moves.
Sydnni Dykes, Gabby Lebore-Curtis, Caitlin Nelson, Roseville, guards
These three Roseville guards mostly move the ball, and put some motion into the Raiders motion offense. They were a collective 2-of-8 from the field. Dykes threw three assist passes.

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