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President's Welcome Letter 2012-2013

Welcome to the 2012-13 Season of Raptors Swim & Dive!

This season promises to hold excitement along with challenge.  The Captains, Ryan, Sam, Dave & Max have chosen the theme “Always Room at the Top”.  It will never be truer than this year with no senior swimmers or divers on the team.  Our numbers are also smaller than in previous years, only 24 registered as of this writing.   But with smaller numbers comes opportunity for every swimmer/diver to rise to the challenge.  The guy who comes in first may earn 6 points, but if the other team takes 2nd, 3rd and 4th, they will earn 9 points and win the event.  We have some very talented and determined swimmers/divers and as boosters, we will work to support every athlete to reach that next mountain peak.

Another challenge that comes with a smaller team is the need to involve everyone in the support process.  We will have four pasta dinners for the team and five home meets along with a number of behind the scenes treats.  I would like to ask every family to look at the calendar and help out.  The pasta suppers are hosted at a team member home and we ask everyone to pick a meal and help support the host family by helping to serve the meal and providing specific items.  This is a great team bonding time that the boys definitely look forward to each season.  We have set all of them on Friday nights.  We want to make sure there is plenty of homework time during the week.

We also host five competition meets.  We provide the set up team, the timers, the announcer, computer operators and put it all away afterward.   Our Parent Info Night on Nov 27th will be a mini meet.  We will ALL meet on deck and everyone will be able to try out the volunteer roles.  With a team our size, we need every family to commit to help during 3 of the five meets.   Some roles are more difficult than others; I admit it takes some expertise to flip the switch for the National Anthem CD (took me awhile to learn it).  We can find something for everyone, siblings in middle school or older can be useful, and did I mention we will have pizza at the Parent Info night?

Please take a moment to visit our ihigh site.  We have a VOLUNTEER CENTRAL opportunity link where we ask you to sign up for 1 team dinner (either a pasta party or the Woodbury meet) and 3 home meets.   We are also asking each family to contribute (tax deductible) $35 per swimmer or diver to the Booster Club.  We use this, along with our fundraising, to provide each team member a one-of-a-kind-never-to-be-repeated 2012-13 tee shirt, 2 swim caps and nutrition support throughout the season.  Our monies also go to support swimming and diving through purchases of pool equipment to benefit our and future teams.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me, Mary Scholz.  I am pleased and proud to serve as Board President this year and hope to make it the most memorable one yet.

But I am not singing the National Anthem.


Mary Scholz