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On the record with: Bardstown's Odyssey Weathers

February 21, 2013
Bardstown High School

Student-Athlete of the Week

By Peter W. Zubaty, Sports Editor

Bardstown senior cheerleader Odyssey Weathers is this week’s nominee for The Kentucky Standard/PLG-TV Student-Athlete of the Week.

<div class="source">Peter W. Zubaty</div><div class="image-desc">Bardstown senior Odyssey Weathers is this week’s nominee for The Kentucky Standard/PLG-TV 13 Student-Athlete of the Week.</div><div class="buy-pic"><a href="http://web2.lcni5.com/cgi-bin/c2newbuyphoto.cgi?pub=191&amp;orig=saotw_25.JPG" target="_new">Buy this photo</a></div>
Peter W. Zubaty
Bardstown senior Odyssey Weathers is this week’s nominee for The Kentucky Standard/PLG-TV 13 Student-Athlete of the Week.

Weathers carries a 3.71 GPA while participating in a variety of extracurricular activities around campus, including Student Council and Key Club. She plans to study business in college, but is not yet sure whether she’ll attend Kentucky or Louisville.

Kentucky Standard sports editor Peter W. Zubaty caught up with Odyssey for a few questions to better get to know her.


PZ: What’s your favorite TV show?

OW: Pretty Little Liars

PZ: What got you started in cheerleading?

OW: I got started cheering in fifth grade when the opportunity to cheer for school was presented. Before I started cheering I was very shy and quiet and I honestly didn’t have many friends. Cheerleading has truly changed my life for the better. I am the most outgoing, peppy, loud person you will meet. I have tons of friends now and people seem to enjoy my company now. I am very thankful that I decided to become a part of such a wonderful program.

PZ: What’s your favorite song/album? Who’s your favorite band/artist?

OW: I listen to lots of different types of music so there’s a lot of different songs that I like. No one in particular though.

PZ: What do you enjoy most about cheerleading?

OW: My favorite part of cheerleading is definitely the different opportunities that come with it. For example, we had the opportunity this last week to follow our Tigers to the Class A State Championship, which was tons of fun. We always have the opportunity to meet new people who share the same love of cheerleading as us.

PZ: There’s a lot going on right now with competitions and ball games, and add on the recent four days in Frankfort for the All A Classic and it makes for a pretty hectic schedule. What’s it been like lately to be a Bardstown cheerleader?

OW: Lately it has been completely busy. I’ve barely had time for homework. It’s so hectic with weekend and late practices, games daily, and school. It always becomes really hard to juggle at this time of year. It’s real difficult to have a personal life at times like these, but I’ve made a commitment and I’m proud to say that I’ve stuck to it!

PZ: Do you have a favorite pre-game meal?

OW: Haha my pre-game meals aren’t the healthiest. Being that we usually have practice before games, I’m left with limited time to get food and so I usually just grab fast food.

PZ: What does it mean to you to be a leader for your team?

OW: It is super difficult to be the leader of a cheerleading team. With it comes lots of responsibility. First of all, you have to know how to keep and maintain peace between girls — it’s really hard to do that when you put 15 girls together for as much time as we’re together. You also have to know how to put team needs before your own. You have to know how to deal with attitudes and cooperate when with others when you need to.

PZ: How tough is it juggling schoolwork, sports and other activities?

OW: It becomes very hard sometimes to juggle everything. My school schedule is not super difficult because I didn’t want my load to be unbearable.

PZ: What do you do when you have some precious free time away from school and sports?

OW: Whenever I do have free time, I like to relax. I never do much of anything, because I’m usually sore or tired.  I hang out with friends and family.


Odyssey appeared on Thursday’s Zubaty and Crew Sports Week segment on PLG-TV 13. View the archived interview at plgtv.com.

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