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2013 Boys Golf Schedule

June 23, 2013
By Eric Schweain of Marquette High School Golf

Wednesday (May 8, 2013) The five state qualifiers will play Tapawingo to prepare for Rivercut.

May 12 - 14th= State Tournament


We went over all rules and regulations for the first week of the golf season due to the weather.



March 4, 2013: This web-site will be updated every week to keep things organized.

Monday, March 4th: We will play our first round at the Landings.

Tuesday, March 5th: We will meet in my room due to inclement weather. There are numerous things to discuss after today's round.

Wednesday, March 6th: We will utilize the putting green, chipping green, and driving range.

Thursday, March 7th: We will play our 2nd round at the Landings.

Friday, March 8th: We will play our 3rd round at the Landings (1st cut).


March 11, 2013: All players will meet in Coach Schweain's room after school. Final cuts will be made and we will discuss course management.

March 12, 2013: The most important round of this young season will take place today until the day after spring break. We will play at the Landings at Spirit.

March 13, 2013: We will work short game and hit range balls at the Landings at Spirit golf course.

March 14, 2013: No practice. You are off for spring break until March 25, 2013. On that day we will have another competitive, qualifying round for our first match for the varsity and JV for the Washington Tournament.

March 15 - March 24, 2013: Spring Break. I will offer a couple of optional practices on March 18th and March 20th.

Post Spring Break:

The weather did no cooperate over break... I hope you made time to work on your short game.

March 25 (Weather permitting): The following golfers will meet at St. Albans Country Club after school. Please wear appropriate attire (and warm) for the practice round. Do not wear cargo shorts/ pants! Gollwitzer, Thomas, Schettler, Jones, Silverstone, Dean, Nichols, Smith, Brocaw, Heyer, Mohrmann, and Brown. All other golfers will practice at the Landings. Please pick up passes from Coach Schweain.


March 26: JV (top 5) in Washington Tournament (Silverstone, Smith, Brocaw, Mohrmann, and Vaaler). You will miss the day at school (excused) so please let your teachers know when we return on Monday. Varsity top 8 will play against Ladue at St. Albans CC. The final 7 golfers will play againt Ladue at the Highlands (Forest Park).

All will be rescheduled. We will meet in Coach Schweain's room after school.

March 27: Everyone will Practice at the Landings.


April 1st:  Golfers will play a practice round at Meadowbrook CC. They include the following: Gollwitzer, Thomas, Schettler, Jones, Silverstone, Dean, Nichols, Smith, Brocaw, Heyer, Mohrmann, and Brown. Playing in the Lindbergh JV tournament at Sunset Hills Golf Course will be Vaaler, Meier, Scribner, Junge, Bumb, and Maloney. Get there early and Hayden will have everyone's Dry Joys. Please return them to coach after the tournament. Good luck golfers and Coach Durham.

Tuesday, April 2nd -- PICTURES AFTER SCHOOL. MAKE SURE YOU WEAR KHAKI PANTS AND YOUR NEW GOLF SHIRT. THE TOP 12 GOLFERS MAY STILL GOLF AT ST. ALBANS AFTER PICTURES, ALL OTHERS NEED TO PRACTICE ON THEIR OWN.Wed. Varsity Tri-match vs. Eureka and Oakville at St. Albans. Golfers include Gollwitzer, Thomas, Jones, Schettler, Silverstone, Brocaw, Nichols, and Mohrmann. 

 Thurs. Marquette Varsity vs. Lafayette at St. Albans... wear green shirt -- Gollwitzer, Thomas, Jones, Dean, Schettler, Silverstone, Nichols and Heyer ./ All other golfers report to the Landings with your green shirt. Coach Durham will tell you the order for playing. JV vs. Lindbergh at Landings. Even those golfers not playing will tee off before the match begins and record their nine hole scores. Next week will be another big week. Conference points will be posted later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Friday = practice on your own.

 Week of April 8th -- Mon. Varsity px round at Winghaven CC. The four players that will play in this tournament include Gollwitzer, Thomas, Schettler, and Silverstone/ All others to the Landings. Tues. JV vs. Lafayette and Northwest at Dardene (play 6 players) while all others practice at the Landings. Wed. Varsity is in Bulldog Battle at Winghaven CC. See the players listed above.  All others will px on their own. Thurs. Varsity vs. Fox at Landings/ JV at Pomme vs. Fox. Fri. All players are on their own. Take care of your classwork. The Varsity may be playing at Pevely Farms/ Crescent Farms this weekend; big tournament and matches coming up.

Mon., April 15th:  Varsity (5) in Webster Cup (Gollwitzer, Thomas, Silverstone, Jones, and Dean)/ JV vs. Summit at Sugar Creek (Scribner, Brocaw, Meier, Bumb, Mohrmann, Vaaler, Maloney, and Fairlamb)/ All others to px. on own.  Tues. Varsity at Pevely Farms vs. Lindbergh (Gollwitzer, Thomas, Jones, Dean, Schettler, Silverstone, Brown and Heyer/ JV (Brocaw, Mohrmann, Meier, Bumb and Smith) in re-scheduled Washington Tournament/ All others px. on their own.  

Week of April 15th --Wed. Hybrid tourney at Tapawingo Country Club


Ladue #1


Hazelwood West #1


Jackson #1

Oakville #1

Parkway North #1


Pattonville #1

Hazelwood East #1

Marquette #1


Ladue #2 & #3

SLUH #2 & #3

Hazelwood West #2 & #3


Jackson #2 & #3

Oakville #2 & #3



Parkway North #2 & #3

Pattonville #2 & #3



Hazelwood East #2 & #3

Marquette #2 & #3



Ladue #4 & #5

SLUH #4 & #5

Hazelwood West #4 & #5


Jackson #4 & #5

Oakville #4 & #5



Parkway North #4 & #5

Pattonville #4 & #5



Hazelwood East #4 & #5

Marquette #4 & #5


(#1Heyer, #2 Vaaler, #3 Junge, #4 Mayur, #5 Fairlamb - see tee times above) Varsity 8 at Quail Creek vs. Mehlville (Gollwitzer, Thomas, Dean, Schettler, Jones, Brown, Silverstone, and Nichols). You will miss 7th period so talk to your teacher in the morning./ JV 7 vs. Mehlville at Landings (If you are not mentioned above, you are to pick up a pass from Coach Durham and be prepared to play Mehlville at the Landings). Everyone should wear their white and green shirt tomorrow. Thurs. Practice at Forest Hills only for varsity top 8 (3:30 p.m. start)/ JV TBA.  Thursday = no practice due to rain.. Fri. Practice at Forest Hills for varsity top 8.  Saturday the Varsity will play in the Mehlville Tournament at Crown Pointe.

Mon. Varsity vs. NW at the Landings. All players not in the JV tournament should report to the Landings. Varsity seven that played Forest Hills last week and Heyer will play against the Lions.

Week of April 22nd --  Tues. Varsity vs. Summit at the Landings. Top 5 players will have a practice round at Aberdeen while all others will report to the Landings. Silverstone, Heyer, Brown, Brocaw, Scribner, Bumb, Mohrman and Smith will play the non-conference varsity match vs. Summit. The low scorer will play in the 6th spot for the Mustangs at the Conference Tournament on Wednesday .Wed. Varsity (6) in conference tournament at Aberdeen. The tee times they sent to me include all players going off of hole #1. Zach = 9:00 a.m., Frankie = 9:16, Austin = 9:32, Dillon = 9:56, and Ryan = 10:20, #6 golfer will be announced this evening/ JV vs. Oakville at the Landings (This is the last JV event). Thurs. Varsity Practice at Forest Hills. Fri. Varsity Practice at Forest Hills.


Week of April 29th -- Districts at Forest Hills (1ST PLACE...WOW!). Tuesday, April 30th we will meet at the Landings for some much needed short game work. Wednesday, May 1st, we have re-scheduled our match against South because of Thursday's anticipated soaking. Thursday and Friday we will on golf in nasty weather (projected for Monday) and catch up with our studies. Sunday we will leave for Farmington and prepare for sectionals.

Monday, May 6th, we will compete for sectionals and an opportunity to go to state as a team.

May 6th-- Sectionals at Crown Pointe



2012 Season is shown below...


 We will have our pre-season golf meeting on Tuesday, Febrary 12th, 2013. We will cover the information needed for the 1st day of golf -- Feb. 25th.

Below is an overview of last year's season! Enjoy:)




1st day of golf in Coach Schweain's room. The rest of the week we are at the Landings.

2nd week: Monday = Landings. Tues./ Wed. everyone to the Landings. Thurs. No practice (state tourney). Friday no practice for state hoops tourney.

3rd week: Monday = top 10 players to Meadowbrook/ All others to Landings; Tuesday all golfers to the Landings; Wednesday meet in Coach Schweain's room after school; Thursday and through spring break all golfers are to work on their own. Competitions will be held upon return from break.

4th week: Spring Break

5th week: 3/26 The following golfers will report to Meadowbrook C.C. Meet me in the parking lot... do not go on the putting green without me. Gollwitzer, Washam, Chatman, Metz, Harder, Janssen, Owens, Jones, Miller, and Brown. All other golfers will report to the Landings with Coach Choate. He will also tell the five golfers that will be playing in the Washington JV tournament. 3/27 = All players listed above will play at Pheasant Run Golf Course after school. As Coach Choate mentioned in practice, Nichols, Dean, Laurentius, Heyer, and Babb will play in the Washington Tourney while all others will work on their own... the top 8 players will play against Ladue in our first JV match. 3/28 = The top 8 varsity will play in our first match at House Springs. All others will report to the Landings. 3/29 = Varsity vs. Ladue at the Highlands (Gollwitzer, Washam, Jones, Brown, Metz, Dean, Miller, and Chatman... wear blue.  All others report to the Landings. JV match against Fox = Nichols, Laurentius, Heyer, Babb, Brocaw, Bumb, Meier, Coach Choate said the other underclassmen should be ready.3/30 = All golfers will take our team picture at Marquette after school.

6th week (1st week of April): 4/2 Gollwitzer, Jones, Washam, Chatman, Janssen and Brown will attend a practice round at Wing Haven golf course. All other golfers will practice at the Landings at Spirit Golf Course. 4/3 Gollwitzer, Jones, Washam, Brown, Chatman, Dean, Harder, and Owens will play at Pomme Creek against Fox. 4/4 Varsity (Landings) Gollwitzer, Jones, Washam, Dean, Brown, Harder, Chatman, and Janssen -- wear blue; JV at River Lakes has been post-poned. All golfers will meet at the Landings April 4th . 4/5 JV players vs. Lafayette (Nichols, Heyer, Laurentius, Scribner, Brocaw, Maloney, Babb, and Bumb). Wear Green! All other players are to practice at the Landings. Off Good Friday through Easter Weekend.

7th Week: 4/9 - Varsity match vs. Lafayette at the Landings (Gollwitzer, Jones, Washam, Dean, Harder, Janssen, Chatman, and Metz). All other golfers will work short game at the Landings. 4/10 - Marquette JV vs. Summit at the Landings (TBA). All other golfers will work short game/ Driving Range. 4/11 - Varsity in Bulldog Battle at WingHaven (Gollwitzer, Jones, Washam, Janssen, and Brown)/ JV vs. Parkway South at Landings (Nichols, Heyer, Meier, Bumb, Harness, Vaaler, Scribner, and Maloney -- wear green). All other golfers will work on your own. 4/12 - Varsity vs. Summit at the Landings while the top four golfers to Crescent Farms (Zach Gollwitzer, Dillon Jones, Grant Janssen and Ryan Dean)/ Varsity match vs. Summit: Washam, Chatman, Brown, Miller, Harder, Metz, Owens, and Nichols - wear blue -- low score plays 5th spot in Webster Cup -- will use score card playoff if necessary / JV vs. Oakville at Columbia (Coach Choate already notified the players). All others practice at the Landings. 4/13 - All players will meet in Coach Schweain's room after school.

8th Week: (4/16) Five Varsity players in Webster Cup/ All others practice at the Landings with Coach Choate. (4/17) Playing Varsity Golf vs. Eureka at the Legends (Zach G., Dillon J., Ryan D., Grant J., Landon W., Davis M., Colton O., and Connor N.)/ Coach Choate spoke with 7 golfers that are playing in the JV match vs. Lindbergh (Steven Harder will play at Sunset Lakes with them) All other golfers are to work on their own. (4/18) Marquette Varsity vs. Parkway South (Zach G., Dillon J., Ryan D., Grant J., Landon W., Davis M., Colton O., and Connor N)/ Varsity & JV hybrid tournament at Pattonville (Varsity players will be Adam Chatman, Stephen Harder, and Sam Brown -- JV players Heyer, Brocaw, and Bumb -- Please arrive 45 minutes before your tee time.)/ (4/19) Practice round at the Legends for Districts (Gollwitzer, Jones, Washam, Dean, Janssen, and Nichols)/All others report to the Landings -- JV players wear your green shirts (4/20) Practice at the Landings/ (4/21) - Varsity tournament at Crown Pointe.

9th Week: (4/23) - JV tournament at Aberdeen/ All others practice at the Landings (Come by for passes)/ (4/24) - Districts at the Legends (Gollwitzer, Jones, Washam, Dean, Janssen)/ (4/25) Varsity match vs. Lindbergh at the Landings (Gollwitzer, Jones, Washam, Dean, Janssen, Harder, Metz, and Owens)/ (4/26) Practice at the Landings/ (4/27) No practice


10th Week: (4/30) Varsity vs. Oakville at the Landings/ (5/1) Px at the Landings (May 3 or 4) With the performance in yesterday's district, our 5 district competitors will be at Sectionals -- Crown Pointe in Farmington, Mo. Congratulations Gollwitzer, Washam, Jones, Dean, and Janssen./ (5/4) No practice... catch up with your coursework!!!

11th Week: May 7th (Zach, Dillon, Landon, Ryan, Grant, and Connor will represent Marquette in the Suburban West Conference tournament -- see me at school tomorrow. All others need to turn in their golf bags this week. (May 9) Suburban West Conference Tournament at Aberdeen. MHS finishes 2nd of the 10 team Suburban West Conference Tournament.

12th Week: (May 13 - 15) State Golf at Silo Ridge in Bolivar, Mo.  Zach Gollwitzer finishes tied for 3rd place in the 2012 MSHSAA State Championship. He was one over on the two day event (36 holes). Zach is an all-state golfer in 2012!!!



2011 Daily Boys Golf Practice Schedule

Marquette High School
**Changes will show due to weather on this form**

Updated March 8, 2011

Feb. 28     Meet in Coach Schweain's Room
March 1     Meet at the Landings at Spirit
March 2     Meet at the Landings at Spirit
March 3     Meet at the Landings at Spirit
March 4     Meet in Coach Schweain's Class
March 7     Meet at the Landings at Spirit Golf Course
March 8     No Practice due to bad weather
March 9     Meet at the Landings at Spirit Golf Course
March 10   Meet at the Landings at Spirit Golf Course
March 11   The teams will split (20 players to Ballwin Golf Course/ The rest to Landings

March 14   Part of the team will meet in Coach Schweain's room and part will meet Coach Choate at Meadowbrook C.C. Please see the list below (will be completed by Sunday evening):
March 14   Rules of Golf/ Cuts
March 15   Boys Golf Pictures (Wear a white golf shirt and khaki pants)/ Order shirts!/  
March 16   Meet at the Landings at Spirit
March 17   Meet at the Landings at Spirit
March 18 - 26   Optional practices will be set during Spring Break

Optional Practices: Monday (3/21) at Meadowbrook (11:00 A.M. / Wednesday (3/23) Pheasnat Run Golf Course (11:00 a.m.)/ Friday (3/25) Landings (11:00 a.m.)

March 28   Varsity match vs. Fox at the Landings/ JV at Pomme Creek
March 29     Marquette's JV team upends the Warriors at Pomme Creek (277 - 310)

March 29   Varsity match vs. Mehlville at Quail Creek/ JV will play in Wolf Hollow Tourn. 
JV finishes 4th in the, always difficult, Washington JV tournament.

March 30     JV match vs. Mehlville at the Landings/ All other golfers will play Pheasant Run in O'Fallon, Mo.
March 31     JV match vs. Lafayette at the Landings/All other golfers will play Pheasant Run

JV vs. Lafayette
Abernathy, Nichols, Heyer, Dean, Gerrity, Chatman, Larson and Fleher. Good luck! All other golfers will play nine holes at Pheasant Run G.C. in O'Fallon, Mo.
JV Boys lost by one stroke.... never give up on a round!

April 4         All golfers will report to Coach Schweain's room after school.

April 5
     JV match                          Varsity px round at Pevely                                      
April 6     Varsity vs. Lindbergh at Pevely Farms/ JV vs. Lindbergh at the Landings
April 7     Some players to Crescent Farms with Coach Choate/ All other players report to the Landings for short game work.
April 8     The top 6 golfers (according to current averages) will play 9 holes at the Landings with Coach Schweain/ All other golfers need to catch up with any missing work or develop their golf game on their own.

April 11    Zach Gollwitzer, Colton Owens, Grant Janssen, Dillon Jones, and Dalton Jones to play in the Lindbergh Tournament at Pevely Farms (All Day)/ All other golfers will work short game with Coach Choate (Finish by 5:00 p.m.)
April 12    Coach Choate to take (6) golfers to Crescent Farms GC/ Coach Schweain will work with all other golfers at the Landings
April 13     Varsity golfers at the Landings vs. Ladue/ JV golfers vs. Ladue at Forest Park
April 14     Varsity golfers at the Legends vs. Eureka/ JV golfers vs. Eureka at Aberdeen

April 15     Prepare for weekend tournament/ Short meeting for Farmington Tourney competitors -- All others are to practice on their own.
April 16     5 varsity golfers to Crown Pointe (Farmington) for Mehlville Tournament
Gollwitzer, Owens, Jones, Jones, and Washam
April 17     Same 5 players will play a practice round at Poplar Bluff, Missouri (our sectional site)
April 18     5 varsity golfers to Crescent Farms GC for the Webster Cup -- Gollwitzer, Owens, Dalton Jones, Miller, and Signaigo/ All other golfers to work on their own -- No official practice.
April 19     Varsity vs. NW at the Landings/ JV vs. NW at House Springs
April 20     Varsity vs. Parkway South at the Landings/ JV vs. Parkway South (Crescent Farms Golf Course)
April 21     1/2 Day: Varsity vs. Lafayette at St. Albans.
We are only playing 9 holes but you need to be at St. Albans by 2:00 p.m.
Varsity vs. Lafayette/ All other players are off for the holiday weekend. Coach Choate will have a list of players for Monday's tournament.
April 22     No School/No Practice - Good Friday
April 23/ 24  No practice Easter Weekend
April 25     No School/ Varsity Top 6 will play practice round for Districts (Persimmon Woods) Gollwitzer, Dalton Jones, Owens, Dillon Jones; Washam and Signaigo will play for final spot. / JV will play their final tournament of the season at Aberdeen Golf Club
Dean, Harder, Nichols, Gerrity and Heyer will play. Be there by 8 a.m. and wear white shirts. Coach will have the DryJoys.
April 26     Varsity Practice for Districts (possible practice round for top 6 or practice at the Landings (depends on Course decision)/ JV vs. Oakville at the Landings (Playing in the final JV match -- Nichols, Fleher, Heyer, Harder, Larson, Chatman, Dean, and Metz -- come by Coach Schweain's room for passes)
April 27     Districts at Persimmon Woods CC (Three Golfers Qualified for Districts - Zach Gollwitzer, Will Signaigo, and Colton Owens)... All other varsity players need to stay sharp for our Conference Tournament May 11
April 28     No practice for any golfers. Catch up on school/ homework.
April 29     No practice
Practice is over for all JV golfers. In the next few weeks you will be asked to turn in your golf bags and you will also be given information about our post-season banquet. Thanks for a great season!

May 4       Landings for everyone still playing. The three sectional players will prepare for Poplar Bluff. All others will work on their own until Thursday, May 5, 2011. At that time, the top 7 will be preparing for our conference tournament.
May 5       Sectional three will leave for Poplar Bluff/ Leave for Poplar Bluff -- Sectional Site/ Practice Round        Sectionals at Westwood Hills, Poplar Bluff
May 6        Sectionals (Zach Gollwitzer qualified for the State Tournament by shooting a 79)
May 9        Practice round at Aberdeen for the Conference tournament (Six Players will represent Marquette: Zach, Dalton, Colton, Dillon;  Landon, Grant, and Davis will compete for the final two spots of our Suburban West Conference Team)
May 10      Practice at Landings
Mary 11     Conference tournament at Aberdeen Golf Course
May 13 All players will bring their bags to Coach Schweain's room on Friday, May13th after school.
May 15 - 17   State Golf Tournament
May 25       Annual Golf Banquet will take place this year at Frailey's (6 p.m. start) -- More details to come!

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