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G-Week for Midlothian High School Athletes

August 20, 2012
By Jana Hathorne of Midlothian High School

G-Week for Midlothian High School Athletes

Midlothian High School athletes have a new game plan to stay hydrated before, during, and after every practice and competition.  The MHS athletic program is one of only two athletic programs within the DFW area selected by Gatorade Headquarters to participate in the G-Week experience.

Panther teams began their pre-season practices during G-Week and were provided with the G Series Gatorade product line that is formulated to give them the carbohydrates, electrolytes and protein their bodies need at all stages of activity.

Kendall Smelser, a Gatorade representative from Chicago, IL, worked closely with athletes to optimize their well being through research and education in sports nutrition. Coaches and trainers also learned ways to improve good hydration, proper nutrition, and athlete accountability.

Smelser is a Texas A&M Big-12 women’s swimming champion and knows what it takes to perform and compete at a high level. She said, “Many teenagers have eating disorders, a negative body image and compare themselves to other athletes.  I told them that they are their own kind of perfect. Training, hard work, and commitment are just as important as smart nutrition and hydration.”

Head Athletic Trainer, Greg Goerig, and staff are always concerned about athletes overall health and hydration.  “We had a former athlete who lost 9lbs of fluid during a three hour workout, which is extremely dangerous.” 

“G-Week has provided us with more resources and ideas to hold athletes accountable for their own health. Coaches are charting the football players individual weight during intense workouts, which helps our athletes gage the need to replenish their fluid intake,” explained Goerig.

According to Smelser, the MHS athletic program was selected to participate in the G-Week based on its similar philosophies with Gatorade and all-around team sportsmanship.

For more information contact Jana Hathorne, Public Relations Coordinator, 972-775-8296, jana_hathorne@midlothian-isd.net.


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