What is Dance Team?

Minnesota State High School League Dance Team is unlike any other dance team in the country.  Officials, coaches, athletes, parents, and supporters have been working for decades to make Dance Team into a recognized and respected sport.  Although not considered an overall equal sport by the Federal Title IX rule, many schools have been working to make their program an equitable sport in Minnesota through the "Assessment and Determination" process through the Minnesota Department of Education.  And our numbers keep growing!


There are currently over 150 programs across the state, similar to the number of boys hockey teams.  In 2011, girls Dance Team was the highest revenue generator for girls sports and #5 overall (behind football, hockey, boys basketball, and wrestling).  In 2012, the State Tournament generated over $100,000!


Dance Team is divided into two divisions-High Kick/Precision and Jazz/Funk.  Each consist of slightly different rules to accomodate for each style.  We have strict uniform and choreography guidelines and do not use poms or props.  Both divisions are judged using a 10 category 100-point scoresheet, evaluating technique, difficulty of skills, difficulty of choreography, execution, and presentation.  Check out the links below for more information.

Minnesota State High School League-High Kick/Precision:

Minnesota State High School League-Jazz/Funk:


Minnesota dance teams are divided into three classes-A, AA, and AAA, depending on school size, with B-squad, Junior Varsity (JV), and Varsity levels.  The Wolfpack competes in Class AAA in Varsity High Kick/Precision, Varsity Jazz/Funk, JV High Kick/Precision, and JV Jazz/Funk.


We have a wonderful and supportive Dance Team community.  One association consists of coaches and the Minnesota Association of Dance Teams (MADT).  Since Dance Team does not have a national chapter, MADT is one of the participating bodies suggesting rule changes for the advancement of the sport.  Minnesota currently has two officiating associations-Judges Association of Minnesota (JAM) and Dance Xtreme (DX).  More information can be found under "Judging."  Coaches, officials, and representatives from the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) come together every year to discuss the state, progress, and future of Dance Team.


One goal is the promotion of Dance Team through the public media.  Due to the unique nature of scoring, it has been difficult to get our results published.  However, with the growing number of teams, participants, and attendance at the State Tournament, more outlets are noticing.

Minnesota Sports Online:


I encourage you to explore our website and learn more about Park's program as well as all other things Dance Team!