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Park dance team: Wolfpack show improvement in second conference meet

December 26, 2012
Park Dance



The Park dance team competed in its second Suburban East Conference meet of the season last week at Woodbury High School.

Park finished in fifth place in the high kick dance contest and in seventh place in the jazz/funk competition in its second SEC meet.

Park finished with 14.5 points in the high kick and 21 points (up from 15 last week) in the jazz/funk competition.

At the competitions, the dancers’ hard work in practice all boils down to the teams’ three minute performances. At the meets, dance teams compete in two categories – high kick and jazz/funk. Teams are scored on 10, 10-point categories ranging from difficulty of skills and choreography to execution and technique. Each score sheet is comprised of 84 elements the dancers are judged on.

Park head coach Amanda Hemmingson-Jaeger said due to the short amount of time between the last SEC meet and the most recent one, there wasn’t a lot of time for vast improvement. But, she said in individual categories, the jazz team improved in practicality (meaning that the dance is not too hard or not too easy for the dances and is fit for their level of skill), visual effectiveness/creativity (meaning that the athletes are making every formation they move to sharp and solidified), and difficulty (meaning that the dancers are stepping up their skill level and able to do the more difficult moves and combinations in the dance that they were not able to do in the beginning of the season).

For the High Kick team, individual category improvement was seen in practicality, visual effectiveness/creativity, and difficulty. “What this says to us as coaches is, the athletes overall skill level is improving and that they’re able to execute the harder moves and skills that they weren’t able to do in the beginning,” Hemmingson-Jaeger said. “These scores from the Woodbury meet help solidify that we are indeed improving in the areas we were hoping to and that we’re on the right track for future competitions.”

Park’s next meet will be Jan. 5 at Henry Sibley High School in Mendota Heights.

“This will be a great opportunity because it is an invitational meet, as opposed to a conference meet,” Hemmingson-Jaeger said. “Therefore, we’ll be able to see how we stack up against schools and teams we haven’t seen. This will give us a better indication of the competition we will be seeing at our section tournament.

“The fans really do help the girls get pumped and keep going throughout the routine. We hope a lot of people come on out to Henry Sibley. If you’ve already seen them dance, come out again. They have three weeks until this competition and have a couple tricks up their sleeves with new moves.”

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