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Deep Portage Camp Concludes 2012

November 12, 2012
By Chris Harder of Rosemount Cross Country

The 16th annual Rosemount Fall Training Trip concluded on Thursday, a day after "Championship Wednesday" ended with champions in nearly every event.

Pictures of camp can be found here.

Canoe tips can be seen here.

Below is a tournament recap:

Bocci Ball

The most prestigious of the tournaments deep in tradition, the old guys continued their dominance with relative ease, topping Dan Rosa and Austin Rudoll in the final.  The seniors rallied from 14-7 down to get past up-and-comers Jacob Johnson and Cayden Hill 15-14 in the semis.  Coach Fendrich used his patented high ball to keep the old guys rolling in "death valley," their preferred area of the course.  It was the 7th overall championship for the old guys.  Some questioned the top seed given to the old guys, but they backed up the seeding with convincing wins.  Rosa and Rudoll got credited for the win as the top campers and earned the first prizes at camp.  The game winning round for Rudoll and Rosa can be found here.  An interview with Rosa and Rudoll can be found here.

Around the World 

Hannah Grim and Liz Evenocheck made quick work of top seed Seniors and 2010 champions Trevor Capra and Tommy Linder in the finals.  The crowd barely got settled in as the ladies put the finishing touches on the guys.  The Ladies had a gut wrenching semifinal win over Frosh Jacob Johnson and Caden Hill.  Lots of dramatics in the bottom half of the bracket, but Grim and Evenocheck prevailed.  Capra and Linder had a relatively easy time in the upper bracket with a semi win over juniors Carter Rock and Marcus Honcharenko.  An interview with Hannah Grim and Liz Evenocheck can be seen here.  

Ladder Golf

For the second straight year, the tandem of Grace Wheeler and Grace Longman earned the top seed for the tournament.  A year ago, Trevor Capra and Tommy Linder ended the 2 Graces march to the title with a final throw victory in the Final Four.  This year, the 2 Graces found redemption with a victory over fellow seniors Morey and Watkins.  Wearing their trademark "In and Out of Luck" matching shirts, the 2 Graces rolled to victory over Elizondo and Sedbrook in the semis and Wynes and Knoll in the quarters.  An interview with Grace Longman and Grace Wheeler can be found here.

Volleyball  In the drafted 6 on 6 volleyball tournament, third seeded team Tommy Linder emerged as champion without suffering a loss in the double elimination tournament.  The squad was comprised of seniors Linder and Grace Wheeler, sophomore Sam Ivanecky, and frosh Sam Newell, Jacob Grunklee, and Michael Wotczak.  Covert volleyball strategy session by 3rd place Team Anderson can be seen here.

Class Volleyball The seniors left no doubt of superiority with convincing wins over the Frosh and Junior classes to claim the title.  Looking like the Dream Team from London, the seniors avenged their horror from last year.  Twice they walked off the court as juniors thinking they had won, but each time the rules changed and they had to return.  Last year reminded the old guys of the 1972 Olympic Basketball Final.

A confident sophomore team before their match.

Skip Rock 

 Last year the Skip Rock competition resumed after a seven year absence that saw Stephen Maturen's thrilling 2004 victory.  After the video of 2011 champion Tyler Blumke went virol that revealed the strategy of utilizing a caddie ( Watch interview with champion Tyler Blumke and caddie Joe Carlson) the top players all had caddies this year, who secured "guys" that specialized in the three disciplines of skip rock:  # skips, length between skips, and height of skip.  Second seed and early automatic qualifier Trevor Capra (w/caddie Michael Sampers carrying the wooden box of rocks) defeated Joe Neuens (w/caddie Justin Schaubroek handling the rocks imported from Mexico).  Trevor Capra's winning form can be seen here.  Interview with Champion Trevor Capra and Caddy Michael Sampers can be seen here.

Cup Stacking

In the inaugural year, Cup Stacking proved to be a popular event as the only inside contest conducted after darkness filled the sky.  Females dominated the event, so much so that only Carter Rock and Marcus Honcharenko defeated female counterparts in head-to-head competiton.  Rachel Matuseski and Molly Reber posted a camp record 1:02.3 to win the final over top seeded Naomi Alvarez and Carly Aronson.  Matuseski and Reber posted a pedestrian 2:23.5 in the first round and nearly were eliminated, but improved every match they contested on their way to the championship.

Cup Stacking top 5 winning times/teams:

1.  Rachel Matuseski/Molly Reber  1:02.3

     Rachel Matuseski/Molly Reber  1:02.7

     Rachel Matuseski/Molly Reber  1:07.1

2.  Emily Severson/Briana Cleveland 1:08.6

3.  Trevor Carlson/Danny Kleiber   1:10.6

     Emily Severson/Briana Cleveland  1:14.3

4.  A Watkins/A Morey    1:18.8

5.  Carly Aronson/Naomi Alvarez  1:19.5

Championship can be seen here.

Semifinals can be seen here and here.

The Wave can be seen here.

Until 2013, Deep Portage in the Rear View Mirror.



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