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2011-12 Sponsorships

2011-12 Sponsorships

Support Rochelle Township High School Online!

Reach thousands of people monthly through your support of Rochelle Township High School online!

Over 166,331 page views and 4,931 visitors!

The website provides LIVE video broadcasts of the Hubs in action from basketball, baseball, wrestling, and more. Pep rallies, football promos, and more are all on

How to support your Hubs?

Package 1: (10 available) | SEE EXAMPLE
• Logo ad on right hand side of page
• Size: 234x60 (can be created for you)
• $100/month or $1,000 for 12 months*

Package 2: (2 available) | SEE EXAMPLE
• Logo ad in middle column of page
• Video spot :30 in 30 broadcasts
• Size: 250x250 (can be created for you)
• $250/month or $2,500 for year*

*Category exclusivity can be available for an additional $500/year. Package 2 exclusivity will include Package 1 sponsors.

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  • Entire amount must be paid up front. Payments will be settled with Rochelle Township through Please email logo, ad, etc. to or call her 859-514-3822.