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Get Back to Basics: Food Preservation Classes in Ridgeway

March 26, 2014
By Lisa Perkins of Ridgeway High School

Get Back to Basics: Food Preservation Classes in Ridgeway   
By Janet Hackert, Regional Nutrition and Health Education Specialist
Spring is in the air, seeds are planted indoors, and the hope of a bumper crop this year is possible. But home food preservation has changed since our grandmothers put food up so many years ago. With transportation opening up the world to travel for humans, it has also opened up the spread of germs. How we destroy those microorganisms has changed as well. Researchers continue to learn more about how to maximize the safety of home preserved foods.

Food preservation classes to help consumers learn how to combat this threat of food-borne illness and preserve their harvest safely will be offered in Ridgeway in April. These basic classes are available through a partnership between the Ridgeway school district, a 21st Century Learning grant and University of Missouri Extension. 

The classes will provide step by step instructions on how to preserve food using the most current researched recipes and procedures. They will also provide opportunities for hands-on learning. A current set of guides will be provided to each participant so they can follow along on their own at home after the class.

In the first class, participants will have hands-on experience with pressure canning green beans safely and will learn the basics of home canning. The next week the topic will be boiling water canning and participants will can salsa. And lastly, the participants will discover effective ways to freeze and dehydrate produce. If you have never preserved fresh produce before, or if it has been a while, these workshops are for you.

Come learn why canning safely is more than just sealing food in a jar. Find out why some foods have to be pressure canned and others can be preserved in a boiling water canner and how flexible a preservation method freezing can be. Discover ways to dehydrate foods using principles of food preservation that date back a long way but with methods that are proven safe for today’s small world.

All three classes will be held at Ridgeway School kitchen/cafeteria at 305 Main Street, Ridgeway. The classes will be from 6-8:30 p.m. on April 8, 15 and 22.

Registration by Monday March 31 is required for the first class. Please contact me, Janet Hackert, at (660)425-6434 or e-mail at HackertJ@missouri.edufor more information or to register. The fee for each hands-on class is $15 per person per class. Because of a 21st Century Learning grant that the school has, parents of Ridgeway school students will receive a $5 discount per person per session. Class size is limited so register early to avoid missing out on this opportunity to get back to basics! Sign up for one or register for all three classes!

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