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Making A Difference: One Voice At A Time

December 3, 2010
Riverview Gardens High School

by: Imani Jackson

With all of the changes that Riverview Gardens School District has undergone, superintendent, Dr. Coleman set out to obtain feedback and opinions from students regarding these changes.

 As a result, he came up with the idea of holding regularly appointed meetings with a group of hand-picked students who are encouraged to voice their concerns.

“I asked staff members and the principals for a list of names who they thought should attend,” Coleman explained.

When asked what is usually discussed at these meetings, he named different specific issues.

“In the first meeting, we brainstormed, then we went over a list of concerns,” Coleman said. “In the next meeting we will go over four major problem areas and we’re going to work through the year.”

The meetings are held in various places.

“The first two board meetings were held in my office and the students were given a tour of the building to get a look at how things work around here,” Coleman said. “The upcoming meeting will be held at Riverview.”

There are some very intelligent, well-spoken, and observant students attending Riverview Gardens, so it is very likely that students will have some interesting commentary.

Coleman states: “First of all, I learned that students are concerned about what their tasks should be as leaders. They talked about jobs, mentoring, tutoring, different clubs and school safety.  The most important thing is that they have a voice, and that it is heard.”

There was a lot of concern and confusion amongst students who wondered about this committee and how to go about joining.

To that effect, Coleman replies: “First, yes this list is permanent but I will be adding names to it.”

Students must be nominated to join the committee. 

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