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HOA Leadership Conference

September 26, 2013
By Wyatt Lear of Remington High School

HOA Leadership Conference

By: Kylee Schunn

President and Vice-President’s from each class went to a Leadership Conference in Hutchinson on Tuesday, September 24. The conference was held at the Hutchinson Sports Arena on the Hutch Community College campus. The morning session was open to the public and Lt. Joe Schillachi was the speaker. He talked about the at-risk populations in schools and how we as leaders need to reach out to those that need help. He told stories of students facing depression, suicide, and homicide. There were over 2,000 people in attendance for the opening session. In the afternoon, the HOA Schools stayed and were involved with more discussion with Mr. Schillachi. Zach Thornburg said, “This was an eye opening experience for me. It taught me how to be aware of the at-risk population and how to reach out to them. There are different signs and signals ‘invisible’ people use to show a need for help. We need to be aware and act on it.” This issue is common to schools and communities around us. The day was an overall great experience.

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