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July 25, 2014
Richmond High School


I plan on making this story short because my answer will be short. During a recent road trip back from Chillicothe, it dawned on me that when football rolls around, it will be the start of my 25th season covering sports in Richmond. The thought of 25 years is beginning to sink in. I have been here for a quarter-of-a-century! To some, that isn’t much, but to someone who said he wasn’t staying longer than 2-3 years, it’s a lifetime.

I titled this piece 25 YEARS AND COUNTING….WHY?  I did it for a reason. Why am I still here? And why am I still wanting to cover local sports in a smaller community? Why didn’t I take the positions offered me in Wichita, Kansas or Springfield, Missouri? They were MUCH better paying and bigger markets. I would have been back to covering Division I sports and some professional sports as well.  So why did I stay?

I believe we all need to ask ourselves “why” we do what we do. My son Adam asked me the very same question the day after I returned from Chillicothe. My answer to him was simple…we don’t do this for the money, we do it because our youth deserve it and we believe in what they are doing. We want to promote their achievements, hard work and dedication and make sure they know what they are doing is important to everyone and WE CARE!

I truly get a “charge” when talking to athletes like Nate Trawick, Jordan Christian, Mackenzie Taylor or Destiny Perkins because I know what they sacrifice to become the best they possibly can be. I get excited when I see athletes like Mike Tillman never giving up on his dream and now taking the next step to playing college basketball. They are just a small example of the hundreds of student/athletes that are doing it the “right way” in this area.  I know they appreciate the coverage we give them and the coverage our media partners, Josh Chapin and Jesus Jiminez of the Pal-Item provide as well.

Our philosophy isn’t just to go and sell sports coverage so our company can make an extra buck and if we can’t sell it we won’t do it. Our approach is different and it shows, not just on Friday and Saturday night, but all year long. We aren’t going to be half dedicated like many media outlets have become in Richmond, we are in this for the long haul!

So now you know why we stayed all these years and with God’s grace, we will be here for another 25 years. We care about our student/athletes and we care about this community and I hope to see all of you supporting our local high schools this year.

(Join us for sports coverage on www.RadioTroy.com and our sports media partners www.pal-item.com) and if there is a story you would like to have reported on, please e-mail me at troy@radiotroy.com

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