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February 12, 2013
Richmond High School


Columbus North (25-0) at Bedford North Lawrence (24-0)

Columbus North is #1 in 4A, Bedford North Lawrence is #2 in 4A

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Columbus North, 8-1.

LAST MEETING: Columbus North, 58-50, regional, Feb. 18, 2012

Scoring Averages: Columbus North, OA 59.6, DA 40.9….BNL, OA 62.0, DA 36.5

Top Players for Columbus North: Ali Patberg 18ppg, Tayler Goodall 14ppg

Top Players for Bedford North: Jenna Allen 14ppg, Dominique McBryde 14ppg, Brittani Rizzi 12ppg


Merrillville (22-1) vs. Lake Central (16-7)

Merrillville is ranked #5 in 4A, Lake Central is unranked

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Merrillville, 13-8.

LAST MEETING: Merrillville, 60-41, Jan. 18, 2013.

Scoring Averages: Merrillville OA 61.2, DA 40.0….Lake Central  OA 48.1, DA 42.9

Merrillville’s top players: Victoria Grimes 15ppg, Dariyan Morris 11ppg

Lake Central’s top players: Gina Rubina, Rolanda Carrington


Penn (19-4) vs. Warsaw (22-1)

Penn is ranked #15 in 4A, Warsaw is ranked #8 in 4A

Scoring averages: Penn OA 56.1, DA 36.1….Warsaw OA 53.9, DA 34.3

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Warsaw, 2-1.

LAST MEETING: Warsaw, 55-42, Jan. 16, 2013.

Penn’s top players: Olivia Carlton 11ppg, Taylor Lutz 11ppg, Camryn Buhr 8ppg

Warsaw’s top players: Jennifer Walker Crawford 14ppg, Lindsay Baker 12.5, Nikki Cross 11ppg


Fort Wayne Snider (20-3) vs. Logansport (24-1)

Fort Wayne Snider is ranked #16 in 4A, Logansport is ranked #4 in 4A

Fort Wayne Snider scoring averages: OA 66.1, DA 46.0

Logansport scoring averages: OA 66.2, DA 39.2

Fort Wayne Snider’s top players: Meredith Shipman 16ppg, Deja Wimby 14ppg

Logansport’s top players: Whitney Jennings 24ppg, Rachel Jennings 15ppg

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.


Westfield (21-2) vs. Fort Wayne South (21-3)

Westfield is ranked #10 in 4A, Ft. Wayne South is ranked #11 in 4A

Westfield’s scoring averages: OA 52.4, DA 38.0

Ft. Wayne South’s scoring averages: OA 63.8, DA 45.0

Westfield’s top players: Kayla Brown 15ppg, Jenn Anderson 16ppg

Ft. Wayne South’s top players: Ariana Simmons 14ppg, Brittini Clapton 10ppg

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.


Connersville (16-8) vs. Mooresville (18-4)

Mooresville is ranked #18 in 4A, Connersville is unranked

Connersville’s scoring averages: OA 47.0, DA 38.0

Mooresville’s scoring averages: OA 54.2, DA 40.7

Connersville’s top players: Tierra Huntsman 20ppg, Kenzie Weston 13ppg

Mooresville’s top players: Lauren McBryar 11ppg, Sarah Corbin 10ppg, Brett Green 10ppg

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.


Indianapolis Roncalli (22-3) vs. Brownsburg (20-3)

Roncalli is ranked #5 in class 4A, Brownsburg is ranked #13 in class 4A

Roncalli’s scoring averages: OA 57.5, DA 40.3

Brownsburg’s scoring averages: OA 55.7, DA 41.7

Roncalli’s top players: Lindsey Corsaro, Bridget Perry

Brownsburg’s top players: Stephanie Mavunga 23ppg

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.


Franklin Central (19-4) vs. Castle (19-4)

Franklin Central is ranked #9 in Class 4A, Castle is unranked

Franklin Central’s scoring averages: OA 52.1, DA 37.6

Castle’s scoring averages: OA 56.1, DA 44.3

Franklin Central’s top players: Lizzy Pedigo 11ppg, Kennedy Decker 10ppg, Abby Titzer 9ppg

Castle’s top players: Zuriel Sanders 13ppg, Rebecca Nunge 11ppg

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.


Benton Central (20-3) at Rensselaer Central (16-7)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Benton Central, 11-0.

LAST MEETING: Benton Central, 81-39, Dec. 4, 2012.

Benton Central is ranked number #4 in 3A
Rensselaer Central is unranked

Benton Central’s scoring averages: OA 65.7, DA 40.6

Rensselear Central’s scoring averages: OA 45.7, DA 40.3

Top players for Benton Central: Caitlyn Tolen, Cassidy Deno
Top players for Rensselaer Central:  Laura Tanner 14ppg, Emilie Ziese 12ppg


Griffith (15-8) vs. Plymouth (17-6)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Plymouth, 1-0.

LAST MEETING: Plymouth, 46-37, regional, Feb. 21, 2009.

Griffith is unranked
Plymouth is ranked number #10 in 3A

Griffith’s scoring averages OA 38.7, DA 31.3

Plymouth’s scoring averages: OA 48.3, DA 34.5

Top players for Griffith: Samantha Adams 13 ppg, Emma Blackard 8.5 ppg
Top players for Plymouth: Amber Redinger, Hunter Stevens 


Fort Wayne Concordia (17-6) vs. NorthWood (22-3)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Fort Wayne Concordia, 2-0.

LAST MEETING: Fort Wayne Concordia, 53-40, regional, Feb. 18, 2012.
Fort Wayne Concordia is ranked #11in 3A
NorthWood is ranked #3 in 3A

FW Concordia’s scoring averages: OA 52.0, DA 42.1

NorthWood’s scoring averages: OA 58.2, DA 36.7

Top players for Fort Wayne Concordia:  Courtney Smith, Dejour Young
Top players for NorthWood: Morgan Olson 20 ppg, Savannah Bley 13 ppg, Jordan Frantz 12 ppg


Hamilton Heights (20-2) vs. Norwell (21-3)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.
Hamilton Heights is ranked #2 in 3A
Norwell is ranked #5 in 3A

Hamilton Heights scoring averages: OA 70.0, DA 44.3

Norwell scoring averages: OA 61.0, DA 41.5

Top players for Hamilton Heights: Dakota Weatherford 19 ppg, Haley Cook 17 ppg
Top players for Norwell: Hannah Smith, Paige Frisch, Carlee Harnish

Mount Vernon (Fortville) (19-4) vs. Lebanon (21-3)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Mount Vernon (Fortville), 2-0.

LAST MEETING: Mount Vernon (Fortville), 64-44, regional, Feb. 18, 2012.
Mount Vernon is ranked #6 in 3A
Lebanon is ranked #1

Mt. Vernon scoring averages: OA 59.7, DA 42.0

Lebanon scoring averages: OA 63.0, DA 42.0

Top players for Mount Vernon: Sydney Shelton 18 ppg, Rachel Houck 13 ppg, Erica Moore 19 ppg
Top players for Lebanon: Kristen Spolyar 19 ppg, Katie Curtis 17 ppg, Carly Greene 12 ppg

Indian Creek (19-5) vs. Greencastle (15-9)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.
Indian Creek is ranked #14 in 3A
Greencastle is unranked

Indian Creek scoring averages: OA 65.6, DA 41.3

Greencastle scoring averages: OA 47.9, DA 43.6

Top players for Indian Creek: Ally Lehman 25 ppg, Brooke Mathena 12 ppg, Candace Danz 12 ppg
Top players for Greencastle: Jessica Lenihan 11 ppg, Callan Taylor 10 ppg


Evansville Bosse (18-6) vs. Corydon Central (19-5)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.

Evansville Bosse and Corydon Central are unranked

Evansville Bosse’s scoring averages: OA 59.5, DA 51.6

Corydon Central’s scoring averages: OA 49.7, DA 40.1

Top Players for Bosse: Janisha Lindsey 19ppg, Jasmine Washington 14ppg

Rushville (20-3) vs. Jasper (15-9)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.
Rushville is ranked #7 in 3A
Jasper is unranked

Rushville’s scoring averages: OA 58.6, DA 43.4

Jasper’s scoring averages: OA 49.9, DA 43.4

Top players for Rushville: Mackenzie Campbell 15 ppg, Sarah Cook 13 ppg, Keragan Niehoff 11 ppg
Top players for Jasper: Shelby Merder, Madison Ubelhor

Westview (15-8) vs. Fort Wayne Luers (12-11)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.
Westview is unranked
Fort Wayne Luers is ranked #14 in 2A

Westview’s scoring averages: OA 48.4, DA 45.8

FW Luers’s scoring averages: OA 57.9, DA 52.6

Top players for Westview: Maria McCoy 12 ppg, Grace Hales 10 ppg, Brooke Yoder 9 ppg
Fort Wayne Luers: Tashayla Sutorius, Allison Butler, Addie Reimbold

Whiting (20-3) vs. Boone Grove (17-6)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Whiting, 1-0.

LAST MEETING: Whiting, 61-55, overtime, Dec. 22, 2012.
Whiting is ranked #9 in 2A
Boone Grove is unranked

Whiting scoring averages: OA 58.2, DA 31.2

Boone Grove’s scoring averages: OA 44.3, DA 36.5

Top player for Whiting: Abigail Bondi
Top players for Boone Grove: Paige Aguilera, Nicole Malouhos= 


Wabash (17-6) vs. Seeger (19-7)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Seeger, 1-0.

LAST MEETING: Seeger, 57-41, regional, Feb. 18, 2012.
Wabash is ranked #14 in 2A
Seeger is unranked

Wabash’s scoring averages: OA 44.9, DA 38.6

Seeger’s scoring averages: OA 43.0, DA 35.9

Top players for Wabash: Kyleigh Hampton 13 ppg, Claire Cromer 12 ppg
Top players for Seeger: Kristen Irvine, Miranda Synesael

Winchester (20-4) vs. Eastern (Greentown) (19-3)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.
Winchester is ranked #11 in 2A
Eastern is ranked #6

Winchester’s scoring averages: OA 57.8, DA 42.1

Eastern’s scoring averages: OA 53.9, DA 38.7

Top players for Winchester: Jill Morrison 27 ppg, Bailey Gates 10 ppg
Top players for Eastern: Alex Dubois, Sierra New


Heritage Christian (22-2) at Speedway (15-8)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Heritage Christian, 3-0.

LAST MEETING: Heritage Christian, 69-52, sectional, Feb. 9, 2007.
Heritage Christian is ranked #2 in 2A
Speedway is unranked

Heritage Christian’s scoring averages: OA 65.7, DA 40.2

Speedway’s scoring averages: OA 56.4, DA 49.7

Top players for Heritage Christian: Tyasha Harris, Allison Schofield
Top players for Speedway: Allison Nash 23 ppg, Tiffani Adkins 9 ppg


Triton Central (22-1) vs. Knightstown (15-8)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Triton Central, 7-0.

LAST MEETING: Triton Central, 62-33, Dec. 27, 2008.
Triton Central is ranked #5 in 2A
Knightstown is unranked

Triton Central’s scoring averages: OA 62.8, DA 31.3

Knightstown’s scoring averages: OA 52.6, DA 45.5

Top players for Triton: Samantha Dewey 19 ppg, Natalie Stephenson 12 ppg, Sarah Rogion 12 ppg
Top player for Knightstown: Emily Thomas 15 ppg 


Evansville Mater Dei (24-2) at Paoli (21-1)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Evansville Mater Dei, 1-0.

LAST MEETING: Evansville Mater Dei, 59-33, regional, Feb. 18, 2012.
Evansville Mater Dei is ranked #1 in 2A
Paoli is ranked #4

Evansville Mater Dei’s scoring averages: OA 65.5, DA 40.5

Paoli’s scoring averages: OA 60.1, DA 39.1

Top players for Evansville: Tory Schickel 19 ppg, Maura Muensterman 24 ppg
Top player for Paoli: Sophia Sears 20 ppg


Sullivan (22-2) vs. Austin (19-4)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings
Sullivan is ranked #3 in 2A
Austin is ranked #8

Sullivan’s scoring averages: OA 57.3, DA 31.9

Austin’s scoring averages: OA 54.8, DA 41.5

Top players for Sullivan: Rhagen Smith 20 ppg, Caeyan Jones 11 ppg


Morgan Twp. (14-10) vs. Oregon-Davis (21-3)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Oregon-Davis, 1-0

LAST MEETING: Oregon-Davis, 43-28, regional, Feb. 18, 2012
Morgan Twp is unranked
Oregon-Davis is ranked #2 in 1A

Morgan Township’s scoring averages: OA 39.7, DA 36.0

Oregon-Davis’ scoring averages: OA 69.1, DA 40.3

Top player for Morgan Twp: Trina Coleman 14.5 ppg

Fort Wayne Canterbury (21-3) vs. West Central (14-9)


LAST MEETING: Fort Wayne Canterbury, 63-51, regional, Feb. 18, 2012
Fort Wayne Canterbury is ranked #1 in 1A, West Central is unranked

FW Canterbury’s scoring averages: OA 74.0, DA 52.1
West Central’s scoring averages: OA 40.0, DA 37.5

Top players for Fort Wayne Canterbury: Darby Maggard, Kindell Fincher, Aaliyah Gaines, Bailey Farley
Top players for West Central: Alivia Kruger 10 ppg, Mickayla Wenzel 9 ppg 


Lafayette Central Catholic (15-9) vs. Randolph Southern (19-3)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.
Lafayette Central Catholic is ranked #12 in 1A
Randolph Southern is unranked

LCC’s scoring averages: OA 50.9, DA 46.7

Randolph Southern’s scoring averages: OA 54.5, DA 36.4

Top players for Lafayette Central Catholic: Emily Denhart, Cameron Onken, Emily Burts
Top players for Randolph Southern: Hannah Franklin, Maddi Kramer 


North Vermillion (23-2) vs. Southern Wells (16-6)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.
North Vermillion is ranked #7 in 1A
Southern Wells is unranked

North Vermillion’s scoring averages: OA 52.8, DA 36.0

Southern Well’s scoring averages: OA 46.2, DA 37.2

Top players for North Vermillion: Taylor Turchi, Darby Martin, Mikalya Kineer
Top players for Southern Wells: Carissa Carter, Sam Rhodes


Shakamak (11-11) vs. Indianapolis Tindley (13-9)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings
Shakamak is unranked
Indianapolis Tindley is also unranked

Shakamak’s scoring averages: OA 44.4, DA 47.3

Tindley’s scoring averages: OA 44.0, DA 38.8

Top players for Shakamak: Kelsey Pilant, Megan Phipps

Top player for Tindley: Terance Clark 16 ppg


Jac-Cen-Del (12-11) at Southwestern (Shelbyville) (19-4)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: Jac-Cen-Del, 7-4

LAST MEETING: Southwestern (Shelbyville), 56-50, overtime, Jan. 11, 2013

Jac-Cen-Del is unranked in 1A
Southwestern is ranked #11 in 1A

Jac-Cen-Del’s scoring averages: OA 46.0, DA 42.3

Southwestern’s scoring averages: OA 59.7, DA 49.7

Top players for Jac-Cen-Del: Sydney Keene 12 ppg, Brianna Volz 10 ppg
Top players for Southwestern: Annie Thomas 22 ppg, Oda Shackelford 15 ppg 


New Washington (20-2) vs. Vincennes Rivet (19-4)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.
New Washington is ranked #8 in 1A
Vincennes Rivet is ranked #3

New Washington’s scoring averages: OA 61.0, DA 37.9

Vincennes Rivet’s scoring averages: OA 58.8, DA 39.4

Top players for New Washington: Ashley Johnson 18 ppg, Caroline Rick 14 ppg, Kriston Sarver 12 ppg
Top player for Vincennes Rivet: Bailey Dreiman 


Northeast Dubois (20-2) vs. Trinity Lutheran (15-8)

SERIES LAST 10 YEARS: No meetings.
Northeast Dubois  is ranked #5 in 1A
Trinity Lutheran is unranked

Northeast Dubois’ scoring averages: OA 52.7, DA 37.8

Trinity Lutheran’s scoring averages: OA 51.0, DA 46.3

Top players for Northeast Dubois: Nicole Dodd 20 ppg, Haley Kinder 9 ppg, Emily Lueken 8 ppg
Top players for Trinity Lutheran: Allison

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