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January 17, 2013
Richmond High School



My name is Skylar Coleman.  I am a senior at Richmond High School.   I recently spoke with Troy Derengowski, the owner of RadioTroy.com about how the business is doing after a year and a half.  RadioTroy.com consists of Richmond, TEC, Seton, National Trail high schools, IU East and Earlham College and Richmond RiverRats baseball.

Skylar:  How would you say things are going for RadioTroy.com?

Troy:  We are very pleased with where our network is since we began broadcasting in July of 2012.  The numbers speak for themselves.  Our Red Devils site is 8th in the state of Indiana and 46 in the nation.  Our combined numbers have been outstanding with well over 6 million visitors. 

Skylar:  Did you expect the response when you started this venture?

Troy:  I really didn’t know what to expect but when we pitched the idea to people in the community, they were very excited about the prospects of seeing the games not just listening like they have had to for years.

Skylar:  Why do you like managing all of these web sites?

Troy:  It is so much better than radio.  I never thought I would say that because radio was my first love.  But this project made me realize that the internet and web casting is the future of high school and small college sports.  Plus we can do more than just the game.  We profile the student-athletes, write stories, video interviews and we archive the games so everyone can watch the games at anytime.  Archiving has been popular with the athletes because they will go home after the game and watch.  Radio can’t do that!

Skylar: Would you return to radio?

Troy: Not anytime soon.  We are just scratching the surface.  More and more advertisers are coming to us because they see the value of being on RadioTroy.com.  More and more people are learning about what we do and they want even more.   Plus in Richmond, radio lacks vision.  They are on the same old path every year and expect listeners are going to respond.  They aren’t!    We also have the best announcers in Richmond by far and that makes a huge difference.   One other area I want to touch on is the area coaches respect what we do because they know we are doing it for the student-athletes.  We are more than a business to them, we are a part of their ability to showcase the athletes to everyone not just in Indiana but around the country.

Skylar:  What do you most enjoy about what you do now?

Troy:  Believe it or not, the biggest thrill I get is when I see the athletes after a game or during practice and get a chance to talk to them.  I know they appreciate what we are doing for them.  I also enjoy the relationships that will last for many years to come.  When I see the emotions of running back Taylor Kidd after Richmond beat Kokomo, the smiles of OL Skylar Coleman, QB Justyn Curtis and RB Ben Parrish when the Red Devils won the NCC championship.  I also enjoy talking to players like Brooklyn Taylor, Mackenzie Taylor, Takeisha Foust and Bailey Hillard.   Charles Hampton is a class act as is Abdul Shabazz.  And I can’t say enough about the big lovable Nate Trawick.  So many outstanding student-athletes…I am leaving many of them out but they know who they are.

Skylar:  What does the future hold?

Troy:  Not sure.  We want to continue to grow and that means we need more broadcasters.  If we can get someone to concentrate on the TEC and pick up more coverage at National Trail and  perhaps Eaton,  who knows where we can go next.  Again, we have only scratched the surface.


Want to try being a broadcaster or write for RadioTroy.com, e-mail Troy...troy@radiotroy.com

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