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November 20, 2012
Richmond High School

Rotnei Clarke

Khyle Marshall

Brad Stevens


Butler – 72
Marquette – 71

THE MODERATOR:  Exciting game.  Khyle Marshall is with us.  He had 24 points.  Rotnei Clarke, 20 points and a fantastic game winning shot.  Coach Stevens, just kind of open up and make some opening comments.  Then we'll open it up for questions.
COACH STEVENS:  My hat is off to Marquette.  You go into these games and people are going to analyze who won and who lost, and just two teams playing hard to the wire.  I told our guys, if we lose that game, it doesn't make me feel differently about them or make me feel differently about our effort.  It's just it's tougher to swallow.
I’ve been in this long enough to know that there are very few thrills like a buzzer beater, especially one off one foot running.  But I've also been in it long enough to know that it's hard being on the other side of it.
We'll move on and look forward to playing the winner of the next game and see if we can't play a little better than we did in the first five minutes of the game.

Q.  That first five minutes, was that something Marquette was doing that you weren't getting into it?
COACH STEVENS:  We played Indianapolis in an exhibition on purpose because they really try to pressure you up and down the floor, and we wanted to simulate that a little bit.  Obviously, Marquette can do it with bigger, stronger, more athletic guys.  We tried in practice to simulate it.  I think it kind of surprised us how hard they came at us.
But I don't think we had a turnover in the second half.  I might be wrong.  That is an unbelievable compliment to the guys that were handling the ball.  And our other guys for being aware that the guys handling the ball needed some extra help.  We were getting really good looks once we handled it and got the shot clock inside 20 seconds or so.

Q.  Can you just walk us through that final crazy possession there?
ROTNEI CLARKE:  It was just kind of a scramble play.  I was dribbling around, and I almost thought about flipping it to Roosevelt Jones who was going down the lane line just to have him drive and make a play, ended up keeping it, and got through and got around a couple of guys, and just let it up there, and luckily it went in.
COACH STEVENS:  I've been working on that one with him, running.

Q.  Khyle, your thoughts on the game?
KHYLE MARSHALL:  Oh, man, well thought out game.  We knew Marquette was going to be a team that would get up in you and push the tempo and play extremely hard.  I don't know.  I'm actually more out of breath now than I was in the game.
It was a well fought out game between both teams and I'm just happy to come out with the win.

Q.  Could you just tell me a little bit, since you came from Arkansas, what it's been like for you since then and is this the kind of moment you're looking forward to here?
ROTNEI CLARKE:  Definitely.  I knew coming to Butler I was going to be around a great group of guys and my teammates and that's what I wanted a chance to experience.  I also had the chance to experience something like this with these guys and this coaching staff.  I set out the whole year and worked extremely hard and I'm trying to have opportunities and having a lot of fun so far.

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