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November 14, 2012
By Troy Derengowski of Richmond High School



It wasn’t until I became a head coach, did I realize what it meant to be a head coach.  After watching the Red/White scrimmage Tuesday night, I began to think about how lucky we are in Richmond to have a lot of excellent coaches.  Most of the time, we don’t really think too much about what coaches go through to be successful.  And I am talking about success for the player they coach.  We show up at the games and if our team wins, we’re generally happy.  If our teams lose, we then start the process of second guessing.   I have been a player, a coach, a fan and a broadcaster for over 40 years.  Not many people can put themselves in all of those categories.  Though I am not an expert in any of those areas, I do have a feeling for what it takes to have a special or great program.  Now I remind you, even great programs can have off years, so let’s make sure we focus on the entire program.   The following can go for any program not just basketball but I learned of this at a basketball clinic many years ago and I see this in our coaches at RHS today.

STUDENT/PERSON/PLAYER:  Coaches make a difference in people’s lives!   And I mean life after basketball.

ZERO IN ON A CERTAIN THEME:  Our coaches have a Championship Vision.

TEAM EXPECTATIONS:  Goals and Objectives.  It’s all in black and white.

PERSONAL SELECTION:  Our head coaches have excellent assistants with the following qualities: Love coaching, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Discipline, Example, Respect, Sacrifice, Humble, Integrity, Pride.  LEADERSHIP!

STYLE OF PLAY: They know our system and the role of every player is well defined.

PRACTICE PLANNING:  Every practice has an objective.

STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING: Have you taken a look at the weight room lately?

GAME/PRACTICE MANAGEMENT:  Visit a practice or see what is going on before a contest and you will see what I mean by game/practice management.

OFF SEASON WORKOUTS:  Richmond athletes are as involved in off-season camps and leagues as I have ever seen.

SELLING OUR PROGRAM/PLAYERS:  Academics are FIRST!  Our Student/Athletes are good citizens.  Our coaches are planting the seed of what it takes in sports and in life and they are showing that in the community. 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Student/Athletes are learning what it takes to make it beyond high school because of hard work, dedication, respect and discipline.

THE INTANGIBLES: Our coaches are teaching heart, work ethic, how to be a great teammate, relationships with coaches, teammates, classmates, fans and the entire community.

Take the time to get to know our coaches.  See what they do on a daily basis.  Find out how much time, effort and energy they put in to make sure your son or daughter becomes the best possible player and person they can be.  I see all 12 of the above qualities in our coaches because they want to get the best out of our athletes and they are sowing some good seeds in our sports programs!

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