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November 9, 2012
Richmond High School

Bryant at Indiana
Postgame Quotes
Nov. 9, 2012

Cody Zeller
On how Kevin (Yogi) Ferrell played in his debut:

"He didn't surprise me too much. I have been practicing with him, playing with him for a couple of years now. And that's how he plays."

On what worked and what the team needs to work on:
"Obviously we have to defend and rebound to be successful this year. I thought we did fairly well throughout the game tonight. But there are certain plays here and there that we have to get better."

Kevin (Yogi) Ferrell
On his first game:

"It felt great - just going out there and distributing the ball to those guys. Just watching them score. It was a great feeling, and this win was just good for us."

On what worked and what the team needs to work on:
"I kind of felt like we should have gotten back better on defense. At times they had a man leaking out, and we wouldn't always get back. That's mainly on the guards. We have to get back and just contain the ball in transition defense and just try and get more stops."

On adjusting to his first college game:
"I felt like I handled it pretty well pushing the ball in transition. It's a lot of fun, and I know that's what coach wants us to do. He just wants us to get out and run. I feel that's when we can be our best."

Christian Watford
On being more aggressive and wearing Derek Elston's No. 32:

"Definitely. Especially trying to get to the offensive glass and getting on the boards. I just try to choose my spots. I'm not going to keep the number. Coach Crean may want me to keep it, but I'm not going to."

On what worked and what the team needs to work on:
"We let them get too many offensive rebounds. That was a big part in the game. I felt like we shared the ball tonight. We played well off each other tonight. Especially for it being the first game."

More on wearing Derek Elston's number:
"I just wanted to give a little tribute to Derek. He has definitely been with me from the beginning. He's endured some tough times. He's out, and he's just one of us. I just wanted to bring him out on the court with us."

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