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August 20, 2012
Richmond High School

New Palestine (0-1) at Richmond (0-1)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Lyboult Field RADIOTROY.COM
COACHES: Charlie Hill, 0-1 in 1st year at New Palestine. Matt Holeva, 0-1 in 1st year at Richmond, 61-24 in 9th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: New Palestine, 68.68, 66th overall, 15th in Class 4A. Richmond, 52.5, 152nd overall, 42nd in Class 4A.
LAST OUTING: New Palestine lost to Whiteland, 26-20, Aug. 17. Richmond lost to East Central, 35-6, Aug. 17.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: New Palestine 1-0, Richmond 1-0.SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: New Palestine, 1-0.LAST MEETING: New Palestine, 29-7, Aug. 27, 2011.


Anderson (0-1) at Pendleton Heights (1-0)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET, Arabian Field (WHBU, 1240 AM; WEEM, 91.7 FM).
COACHES: Randy Albano, 10-11 in 3rd year at Anderson, 111-130 in 25th year overall. John Broughton, 206-163 in 37th year at Pendleton Heights.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Pendleton Heights, 69.32, 62nd overall, 14th in Class 4A. Anderson, 54.04, 146th overall, 54th in Class 5A.
LAST OUTING: Anderson lost to Greenwood, 52-6, Aug. 17. Pendleton Heights defeated Muncie Central, 42-13, Aug. 17.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Anderson 1-0, Pendleton Heights 0-1.SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Pendleton Heights, 1-0.LAST MEETING: Pendleton Heights, 41-23, Aug. 26, 2011.


Huntington North (0-1) at Fort Wayne North (1-0)
GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Chambers Field (WVSH, 91.9 FM).
COACHES: Trent Fine, 0-1 in 1st year at Huntington North, 3-17 in 3rd year overall. Ryan Hall, 14-9 in 3rd year at Fort Wayne North.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Fort Wayne North, 63.88, 89th overall, 45th in Class 5A. Huntington North, 57.23, 127th overall, 51st in Class 5A.
LAST OUTING: Huntington North lost to Homestead, 53-12, Aug. 17. Fort Wayne North defeated Fort Wayne Concordia, 54-33, Aug. 17.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Huntington North 1-0, Fort Wayne North 0-1.SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Tied, 2-2.LAST MEETING: Fort Wayne North, 28-21, Aug. 26, 2011.


Logansport (0-1) at Peru (1-0)
GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Bengal Field (WSAL, 1230 AM).
COACHES: Brad Urban, 0-1 in 1st year at Logansport, 75-79 in 15th year overall. Bob Prescott, 16-24 in 5th year at Peru, 77-102 in 18th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Logansport, 37.08, 234th overall, 60th in Class 4A. Peru, 19.47, 287th overall, 57th in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Logansport lost to Twin Lakes, 33-9, Aug. 17. Peru defeated Wabash, 26-6, Aug. 17.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Logansport 1-0, Peru 0-1.SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Logansport, 11-4.LAST MEETING: Logansport, 62-18, Aug. 26, 2011.


Mount Vernon (Fortville) (0-1) at Marion (1-0)
GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Dick Lootens Stadium.
COACHES: Doug Armstrong, 5-6 in 2nd year at Mount Vernon (Fortville), 57-62 in 12th year overall. Randy Sehy, 21-22 in 5th year at Marion, 58-48 in 11th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Mount Vernon (Fortville), 61.02, 100th overall, 24th in Class 4A. Marion, 58, 119th overall, 34th in Class 4A.
LAST OUTING: Mount Vernon (Fortville) lost to Kokomo, 28-21, overtime, Aug. 17. Marion defeated Madison-Grant, 40-18, Aug. 17.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Mount Vernon (Fortville) 1-0, Marion 0-1.SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Mount Vernon (Fortville), 1-0.LAST MEETING: Mount Vernon (Fortville), 63-44, Aug. 27, 2011.


Muncie South (1-0) at Muncie Central (0-1)
GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Ball Recreational Field.
COACHES: Mike Paul, 146-203 in 35th year at Muncie South. Brad Seiss, 0-1 in 1st year at Muncie Central.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Muncie Central, 51.14, 165th overall, 44th in Class 4A. Muncie South, 48.63, 176th overall, 46th in Class 4A.
LAST OUTING: Muncie South defeated Yorktown, 30-27, Aug. 17. Muncie Central lost to Pendleton Heights, 42-13, Aug. 17.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Muncie South 0-1, Muncie Central 1-0.SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Muncie Central, 13-6.LAST MEETING: Muncie Central, 38-6, Aug. 27, 2011.


Plainfield (1-0) at Kokomo (1-0)
GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Walter Cross Field (WIOU, 1350 AM).
COACHES: Brian Woodard, 46-23 in 7th year at Plainfield. Brett Colby, 45-9 in 6th year at Kokomo, 160-76 in 24th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Kokomo, 69.09, 63rd overall, 35th in Class 5A. Plainfield, 59.58, 107th overall, 27th in Class 4A.
LAST OUTING: Plainfield defeated Danville, 29-26, Aug. 17. Kokomo defeated Mount Vernon (Fortville), 28-21, overtime, Aug. 17.

OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Plainfield 0-1, Kokomo 0-1.SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Plainfield, 1-0.LAST MEETING: Plainfield, 21-14, Aug. 26, 2011.


Rushville (0-1) at New Castle (0-1)
GAME TIME: 7:00 pm ET, Huffman Field.
COACHES: Rocky Alspaugh, 0-1 in 1st year at Rushville. Mark Luzadder, 0-1 in 1st year at New Castle.
SAGARIN RATINGS: New Castle, 33.5, 246th overall, 61st in Class 4A. Rushville, 32.68, 248th overall, 45th in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Rushville lost to Connersville, 34-27, Aug. 17. New Castle lost to Greenfield-Central, 40-7, Aug. 17.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Rushville 1-0, New Castle 1-0.SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Rushville, 1-0.LAST MEETING: Rushville, 28-6, Aug. 26, 2011.

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