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October 27, 2010
By Bill Sorenson of South Stanly High School

Practice starts this monday at 5 PM with hydration testing.  Practices after monday will be from 6:30 to 8:00.  Be on time so we can get the party started.

HYDRATION guidelines:  You will be weighed, have your hydration checked (water in your system) and body fat calculated based on skin fold measurements.

From now until Monday, eat right, light high fiber foods and LOTS of water!
Drink lots of water on monday.
Avoid caffeine sunday evening through monday
Drink some water around 3:30 or so.

The way we test hydration is by using a small sample of your urine and a device called a reflectometer.  Essentially, the more water in your urine, the clearer it is and this device gives a reading of how much water you have in your urine compared to pure water.

BOTTOM LINE: The clearer your urine, the more hydrated you are.

Your hydration reading will have to measure below a specific gravity of 1.25  This means you gotta have lots of water in your urine.  1.0 would be pure water.

If you fail hydration, you cannot practice til you pass on another day.  Within 3 attempts your hydration has to fall below 1.25 to wrestle your minimum weight and below 1.3 to wrestle one class up.  NO ONE has ever failed three times.

NOTE: Your minimum wrestling weight will be set by this process.  If you make the hydration guidelines and weigh 153 pounds, but the computer says your min weight is 140 pounds, you can lose down to that weight.  However, if you weigh in at 132 pounds, make hydration, and the computer says the lowest you can wrestle is 130, that is the lowest wieght you can lose to. Also, from the official weigh in til the end of the season, you can ONLY lose 1.5% a week. 

See Sorenson if you have questions, but bottom line is:  Be hydrated on Monday, know what min class you want to lose to and try to be as light as possible if you are already exceptionally lean.

Don't stress out over this system. We will get you through it!

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