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This year's theme "NO EXCUSES" starts NOW

July 10, 2012
By Bill Sorenson of South Stanly High School

Attention wrestling family.  I hate to have to report but based on my doctor's visit today, I will NOT be able to support the Monday and Wednesday workouts in the forseeable future. Apparently there have been complications from my recent surgery that must be addressed before I return to normal duties. I think it is imperative to each of you to realize that I FEEL I am FAILING my obligation as your coach because of these reasons beyond my control and therefore I will find a work around as soon as possible. Keep in mind we can NOT have school sponsored workouts during the month of August due to the Football Dead Period.


That being said we STILL NEED you folks working out this summer. I will contact the school tomorrow and see if we can change the hours to those that a parent/volunteer coach can support. 

As many of you know I strongly encourage every wrestler to do 100 situps and 100 push ups a day, six days a week on their own, building up to 200 a day by Sept 1.  I also encourage all wrestlers to run at least 1.5 miles a day three days a week and to build up to 3 miles by Sept 1.  If you are willing to make these sacrifices now, getting in shape during the season will be a cake walk.

Folks, this is the bottom line, life does stuff like this to all of us.  YOU are NOT 52 years old and survivors of a rather 'exciting' life and therefore all wrestlers NEED TO FIND A WAY to work out.  Coach Gatien is still holding tuesday thursday conditioning sessions and I will find a way to reopen the gym two days a week.  


My point is this: the very fact that TIME and life has taken away MY opportunities needs to be a lesson for all of you. You are young, healthy, athletes. BE YOUNG HEALTHY ATHLETES. Instead of letting this minor setback excuse you from preparing for the upcoming season, let it motivate to create YOUR OWN means to get there. 

If there is any parent willing to help with evening workouts, please contact me.  

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