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RB alumni give college advice:

February 12, 2013
Richmond Burton High School

RB alumni give college advice:  

Imagine if students from your former high schol came to your class & told you how to use your resources in high school to make your first year of college easier?  

That's what happed at RBCHS recntly when a few members of the Class of 2012 visited.  With registration for classes rapidly approaching, Ms. Kane, RBCHS Science teacher, thought it would be good to have some recent alumni (All members of the class of 2012 who attend a 4 year school) come back and speak to her classes.
Many of the her students are thinking of continuing to college and she felt the insight of these alumni could be beneficial. Items discussed included which courses were beneficial at RB, the importance of AP classes, as well as discussing the differences between large and small campuses.  Information from surveys from a couple of Ms. Kane's classes were the springboard for the the Alumni Panel.  Experiences with college roommates, how important it is to get involved in campus life and maybe even more importantly how to do so regardless of how shy or outgoing one is were just some of what was shared.  
Next year she hopes to expand & have a bit more variety in both size of school as well as ages of the alumni.  Her students received some good information and were thinking about more than the next year of their future educations.  Another perk; the alumni gained some insight into the challenge of "teaching" the same topic all day long.

 Here's some of the suggestions alumni had for college freshmen:  
*  take fewer classes (about three), but on the average of seven hours of homework a day - a lot more than high school.
*  AP makes college A LOT easier.  Even if you don't pass your AP test, it is still a tremendous help when you (re-take) the class in college.  
*  By taking AP classes, you can register early which is very helpful.  This aids in:
   -  Having first pick of classes (some want them later in the day, etc.)
   -  Much more flexibility with class options as well as first pick of residence halls.
*  Your grades depend 100% on you.  Planning, studying, time management, etc.  Parents can't be blamed anymore.  :)
*  Go to everything (orientation, welcome week, etc.)!!  The more events you attend, the better.  It's the best way to meet people.  Another great idea is to leave your door open as much as possible.
*  Apply for housing ASAP.  You'll want the dorm that has air condition, etc.
*  College students are "10 million times" more accepting of you than high school students are.  It doesn't matter if you all start together, or if you are a transfer student.   You will still be socially accepted greatly.
*  When looking for a college, make sure that the one you choose has classes to offer your "back-up" plan major.  You don't want to have to switch colleges just because you switched majors.  Also, make sure that they have a high placement upon graduation.
*  Get in the habit of reading email now because it is your LIFE LINE in college!
*  Before looking into colleges, think about what size college you want to help you narrow down your choices.  Do you want 30 in a classroom, or 700?  

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