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Competition Season 2012

January 5, 2013
Rangeview High School

Fall season is arguably the busiest time of the year for both the Varsity and Junior Varsity Pom Squads. Both teams not only have to focus on performing at Homecoming and multiple football halftime shows, but they also have to ready themselves for competition! With a few exceptions, a majority of our competitons fall in November and December. 

Right when Homecoming was over, the girls went to work with coach and dance teacher, Katie Layman, deciding on music and learning their state routines. The girls learn their routines early on in the competition season and use the same routine for every competition. Varsity chose to compete jazz this year, while JV stuck with the pom category.

Dancing to Some Nights by the fairly new band, FUN, Varsity won over crowds every time they performed it. At their first competition, held on October 13, 2012 at Chaparall High School, Varsity took 3rd. It was their first competition of the year and considering the fact that the girls had technical difficulties with their music, they did alright. They may have placed 3rd out of 3, but many members of the crowd, parents and members of other schools, felt our team deserved to have placed higher in the competition. This seemed like a let down at the time, but it only fueled the girls fire. At their next competition, the EMAC Spirit League competition held on November 15, 2012 at rival school Gateway, the girls egos were boosted when they placed 1st! Yes, they may have been the only team to compete in their category, but a win is a win. And a win always helps to boost the energy of any team. With a League Champion title under their belt, the girls readied themselves for their next competiton, UDA Regionals held at the Denver Convention Center on November 17, 2012. Out of 7 teams, our girls placed 5th and although it may seem like a downer, it was a well deserved place. The competition was fierce, but the girls just didn't perform as well as they did at League. There were many negative thoughts and hurt hearts, but the girls persevered and continued to work hard for their final competition. The CHSAA State Spirit Competition, hosted at the Denver Coliseum, was held on December 7, 2012. With new changes made, a fun hairstyle, and more energy than anyone could ever imagine, the girls were ready to show the state of Colorado what exactly they stood for. After a long day of intense competition, the girls waited late into the night to find that they had placed 11th in state! Out of 20+ teams, the girls had reached their goal of placing in the top half of the competition!! The girls may have had a rocky competition season, but they ended it with a bang and we couldn't be more proud of them.

With inspiration from the 80's, our JV girls got the crowds pumped with their dance to a Whip It Mix, which included the songs Let It Whip and Whip It. It may not have been the girls first choice, but the dance choreographed for them, by none other than Katie Layman herself, was the perfect match for them! The girls rocked it every time they performed. They may have missed the first compeition with Varsity in October, but they proved to everyone that they were ready for League. Competing against 2 other schools, the girls managed to place 2nd! They may not have been League Champs, but they definitely brought their A-game to competition season. The girls impatiently awaited the UDA Regionals competiton and performed even better than they did at league, but they didn't leave the Convention Center with the place they wanted. The girls placed 7th out of 7 and were highly upset. Although they were sad, their place was deserved and they performed to their highest capability. With only one competition left in the season (the JV Invitational, also known as state, held on December 1, 2012), the girls stepped it up and pushed themselves harder than they ever had before. With a long day at Arvada West, the girls performed last and closed up the competition. Taking 22nd out of 30, the girls seemed to be let down. But truth be told, it was by far the best performance they have ever had. We couldn't be happier with them!!!

Both teams exceeded expectations of them and we as coaches, couldn't be anymore proud! They proved to us just how hard they were willing to work and every girl showed us what she stood for. The girls had a great competition season. So here's hoping we leave Nationals with a few National titles! Wish us luck!

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