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We believe that the students at Pembroke Hill have an opportunity and an obligation to assist others in need. Our mission statement calls us to Scholarship-Integrity-Compassion. It is the charge of the Community Service program to develop and enrich the others-centered ethos of our students.

 We believe an educational experience that ignores the development of compassion and a heart for others is hollow and self-serving. To give of one’s self in time and talents not only directly helps those in need but opens our own eyes to the realities of our hard world.

 We believe that as our students will inevitably go on to become leaders in professional fields across the spectrum, they will continue to keep elements of social justice, environmental awareness, and a concern for mankind in their hearts and actions.


Students are required to complete 60 Hours of service from their 9th grade year through graduation. 20 of these hours may be used within the Pembroke Hill Community while the majority should come from outside service opportunities. While we recognize and understand that many of our service opportunities come from our religious communities we do not accept religious education or service participation such as acolyte and alter boy/girl duties. However, we do accept and strongly encourage participation in church led programs in community clean-up efforts, elderly visits, soup kitchen work, etc. We also believe that efforts to be involved in the political process are important and we recognize hours spent in voter registration, polling place assistance but not direct political campaigning for a particular candidate.

If there are any questions regarding community service hours, status, or opportunities, contact Sam Knopik at

Service Opportunities

Browse or list of hundreds of service opportunities: Others Centered; PHS Community; Wildlife, Environment and Pets.

Submitting Hours

Students should complete and submit the Community Service Participation Form to Mr. Knopik after completing their service work each time.