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2011 Season Recap

December 30, 2012
Pembroke Hill High School Football

2011 Highlights:  The 2011 Raiders finished with a 7-4 record and their 3rd playoff appearance in 4 seasons. Wins in the All-School BBQ game, Homecoming and Senior Night added to the school spirit felt across the whole campus this fall. The Team was recognized following their victory over University Academy by the Kansas City Chiefs. The team chemistry was outstanding last season thanks to outstanding leadership qualities of our seniors and juniors. Patrick Freitag, Samuel Freitag, and Charlie Mueller earned Class 3 All-Area Honors on offense while Thatcher Anderson, Charlie Mueller, Harold Edwards, Ted Gallagher, and Caleb Slaughter were recognized on defense. Alec Hursh and Patrick Freitag also garnered special teams recognition. All-State Running Back honors went to Patrick Freitag as well. To conclude the season Coach Knopik was awarded the Kansas City Chiefs Missouri Coach of the Year. The team enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of Arrowhead, meeting Chiefs Derrick Johnson and Jamaal Battle, and attending the Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers game in December.


The team began their season focused on the motto: YOU LEAD FROM THE FRONT. The team leaders took ownership of this concept and led the team through a unique season of camaraderie. The team bond was so strong that it spilled into the off-season where they have organized events such as Paintball Night where all Pembroke Hill Students joined the team for a fun night of paintball and pizza! If you are ever in the need for goosebumps stick around for the end of a practice, workout, or team gathering where they players chant the words to the Edwin Markham poem, “There is a destiny that makes us brothers.” It is hoped that their team spirit becomes contagious and the whole Pembroke Hill community can come together in school spirit.



2011 Post-Season Award Winners:


Raider Award: This award is presented to the team member who has demonstrated the greatest commitment, dedication, desire and positive contribution that has earned the respect of both their teammates and coaches. This is the highest honor that our athletic department distributes.

2011 Winner: Harold Edwards


The Head Coach’s Award: This award is given to any member of the football team in recognition for their selfless participation. It is believed that the strongest members of any organization are those who make the greatest efforts to serve others.

2011 Winner: Ted Gallagher


Brooks Channing Noah Award: This award is presented to the team member who has demonstrated the greatest improvement from the previous season.

2011 Winner: Jak Kittoe


Kevin Emery Award: This award is given to the player who has made the greatest contribution to our football team’s success. Considered a Most Valuable Player trophy this award is reserved for the player who’s overall efforts in training, in practice and on the field stands above others.

2011 Winners: Patrick Frietag-OFF, Michael Burcham-DEF


Studebaker Riley Award: Given to the player who’s line play exceeds all others. His determination to persevere, without concern for personal recognition or glory, manifests itself in relentless, selfless, physical exertion. This award is given to Pembroke Hill’s best linemen.

2011 Winner: Thatcher Anderson


Bob Hicks Award: Given to the outstanding student-athlete in recognition of his football excellence, who personifies passion for the game, intensity, leadership, and heart both in the classroom and on the field.

2011 Winner: Bill Doane


Sportsmanship Award: This award is presented to the team member who shows humbleness in victory and graciousness in defeat. He is a fierce competitor who understands the greater objective of the game: to perform in a manner that reflects well on his family, his school and himself.

2011 Winner: Ben Gallagher


Kansas City 3A All-District Team Winners


  • Patrick Freitag, Sr- Running Back
  • Samuel Freitag, Jr- Offensive Line
  • Charlie Mueller, Soph- Tight End
  • Thatcher Anderson, Jr- Defensive Line
  • Charlie Mueller, Soph- Defensive End
  • Harold Edwards, Jr- Linebacker
  • Ted Gallagher, Jr- Safety
  • Caleb Slaughter, Jr- Defensive End


Missouri Football Coaches Association All-State Academic Team Winners


  • Leighton Peters, Sr
  • Michael Burcham, Jr
  • Bill Doane, Jr
  • Ted Gallagher, Jr
  • Tristan Threatt, Soph

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