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2010 Season Game Recaps

December 18, 2012
By Sam Knopik of Pembroke Hill High School Football


If you look above the door outside of Phillips Gymnasium you can see what remains of our school’s earliest days, the crest and motto of our 1910 predecessor school, Kansas CityCountry-DaySchool. “LUX EFFULGEAT,” or “An Exuberance of Light” was chosen for our team motto this season. It is believed, especially in this centennial year of our school, that it was appropriate to rattle the ghosts and listen to their lesson once again. The team was introduced to this concept at our summer camp where they were challenged to examine their lives and ways in which they could “Be a Light for Others.” They concluded camp with stuffing used backpacks, generously donated by the Clothesline Sale, with necessities for homeless veterans.


The 2010 season saw the team return to the playoffs after a years hiatus and garnered a Pembroke Hill playoff victory for the first time in 16-years. Traditional rival John Burroughs came to town for opening week and gave the rest of the state fair warning of what was to come in their run for a state-championship appearance. The Raiders however, regrouped and finished the regular season 6-3. The junior varsity team had an exceptionally successful season earning an 8-1 record, losing just in their final game.


The 2010 squad was led by a strong senior class on both sides of the ball. Offensively, David Kipke, Paul Black, Jacob Gerson, Luke Blutler, Marquelle Smith, Sean Fredette, Charlie Doering produced 4,600 yards of offense and 35 points per game. Defensively, Zach Schmidt, Arun Miryala, Chas Ellzey, Mark Baum, Jay Tinsman, Andrew Seligson produced 12 interceptions as 30 fumble recoveries as the held our opponents to just 21 points per game. Russ Moore served as our senior manager continuing our proud tradition of exceptional team managers.


As the Raiders head into 2011 the goals are high. The boys are excited to play inSt. Louisagainst John Burroughs and continue to make a deeper run into the state playoffs. The squad returns a stable ful of proven talent in Dylan Sen who led the ’10 squad in rushing, Ben Gallagher who returns as a solid defensive safety and the quarterback with the most experience. Leighton Peters and Charlie Mueller return after very productive receiving totals in ’10. Caleb Slaughter, Sam Freitag, Evan Copaken, Michael Burcham, Reid McNearney and Thatcher Anderson combine for one of the most athletics squad of linemen we have ever had. Harold Edwards returns as a starter in the linebacking corps. Patrick Frietag returns as a 3-year starter at free safety and an offensive weapon from a variety of positions on offense. Joining our upperclassmen are several sophomores who will be ready to contribute and in many cases be game breakers for our 2011 campaign.


Team Awards


 Raider Award: This award is presented to the team member who has demonstrated the greatest commitment, dedication, desire and positive contribution that has earned the respect of both their teammates and coaches. This is the highest honor that our athletic department distributes.


2010 Winner: Zach Schmidt


 The Head Coach’s Award: This award is given to any member of the football team in recognition for their selfless participation. It is believed that the strongest members of any organization are those who make the greatest efforts to serve others.


2010 Winner: David Kipke


 Brooks Channing Noah Award: This award is presented to the team member who has demonstrated the greatest improvement from the previous season.


2010 Winner: Sam Freitag


 Kevin Emery Award: This award is given to the player who has made the greatest contribution to our football team’s success. Considered a Most Valuable Player trophy this award is reserved for the player who’s overall efforts in training, in practice and on the field stands above others.


2010 Winners: Jacob Gerson


 Studebaker Riley Award: Given to the player who’s line play exceeds all others. His determination to persevere, without concern for personal recognition or glory, manifests itself in relentless, selfless, physical exertion. This award is given to Pembroke Hill’s best linemen.


2010 Winner: Charlie Doering


 Bob Hicks Award: Given to the outstanding student-athlete in recognition of his football excellence, who personifies passion for the game, intensity, leadership, and heart both in the classroom and on the field.


2010 Winner: Zach Schmidt


 Sportsmanship Award: This award is presented to the team member who shows humbleness in victory and graciousness in defeat. He is a fierce competitor who understands the greater objective of the game: to perform in a manner that reflects well on his family, his school and himself.


2010 Winner: Arun Miryala

 Kansas City 3A All-District Team Winners


  • David Kipke, Wide Receiver 1st Team
  • Dylan Sen, Slot, 1st Team
  • Charlie Doering, Offensive Line, 1st  Team
  • Zach Schmidt, Defensive Back, 1st  Team
  • David Kipke, Kicker, 1st  Team
  • Sam Freitag, Offensive Line, 2nd Team
  • Chas Ellzey, Linebacker, 2nd Team
  • Jacob Gerson, Quarterback, 3rd Team
  • Marquelle Smith, Running Back, 3rd Team
  • Patrick Freitag, Free Safety, 3rd Team
  • Jacob Gerson, Returner, 3rd Team

Missouri Football Coaches Association All-State Academic Team Winners

  • Mark Baum, Sr, Offensive Line                                    
  • Sean Fredette, Sr. Running Back                                
  • Arun Miriyala, Sr. Linebacker                                               
  • Zach Schmidt, Sr. Defensive Back                                
  • Andrew Seligson, Sr. Defensive Back                           
  • Jacob Gerson, Sr. Quarterback                                
  • Paul Black, Sr. Receiver                                     
  • David Kipke, Sr. Receiver  
  • Josh Smith, Jr. Defensive Back
  • Michael Burcham, So. Offensive Lineman

Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete Team Winners

  • Zach Schmidt, Defensive Back

2010 Season Statistics

2010 vs John Burroughs: Loss 34-14

As we begin the Centennial Celebration for Pembroke Hill and her predecessor schools I thought it was appropriate to rekindle the John Burroughs rivalry. This match-up began in 1944 with the Bombers winning and the Raiders earning a victory in 1945. These two teams have faced off 38 times since that opening 2-game series, including a 30-year stretch from 1953-1983. The Bombers hold the lead in the series 28-12. In 1991, Bob Hicks took the Raiders to the state championship game against the Bombers only to come up short in a hard fought 21-7 loss.

High hopes have surrounded Raider Nation this pre-season as the squad returns a barn full of talented seniors. However, it would be John Burrough's talented seniors who would explode to a 27-0 halftime lead. The Bombers would finish the night with 275 passing yards and 3 TDs.   Bright spots for our squad included an effective run defense led by inside linebackers Chas Ellzey and Harold Edwards with 10 and 8 tackles respectively. Zach Schmidt and Andrew Seligson pulled down interceptions deep in our own territory that kept JBS out of the end zone. 19-players would garner defensive statistics.  

Offensively, while we never really found our groove, we managed to produce a few highlight clips. Linemen Charlie Deoring and Sam Freitagcame to play ball with gutsy hustle all night. Marquelle Smith broke out on a 20 yard run up the middle dragging a JBS defender for nearly 10 yards before being coerced out of bounds. Patrick Freitag entered the game as a "wildcat" QB and ran for 44 yards and a score while completing a pass to David Kipke for a needed first down. Zach Schmidt added 35 yards on 5 carries and Dylan Sen unleashed an 85 yard run from scrimmage for a late game TD run. He would finish with 116 yards on 9 carries.    
Tomorrow night we face off with Imagine Renaissance Academy for the annual BBQ-Night Game. I heard a rumor that there will be fireworks following the game and we hope to see you there and sing together when it's all over.       

2010 vs Renaissance: Win 28-14

It looks like we may have found a new rivalry in Imagine Renaissance Academy. In just their first year of varsity football the Warriors entered the game with a 1-0 record. Head Coach Terry McCrae and his staff have done a superior job in preparing their team in just the two seasons they have had the opportunity to build this charter school's program from scratch.

The game started with a successfully executed onside kick by David Kipke and the kickoff squad. Kipke would go on to kick four P.A.T.'s on the night as well. Our offensive line and backs established a dominate ground game on that first series as Marquelle Smith and Jabob Gersonran the option game to near perfection. Dylan Sen would cap the drive with a 26 yard TD run to get the Raiders on top early. Senior linemenMark BaumCharlie DoeringJay Tinsman assisted by sophomores Michael BurchamSam FreitagReid McNearney and Evan Copaken pushed, shoved and knocked down Warrior defenders for 245 rushing yards on the night. Marquelle Smith would lead all rushers with 92 yards on 25 carries including a gutsy leg pumping 5-yard plunge for a score. His ability to explode through defenders and push piles forward give us a tremendous advantage inside the tackles. Patrick Freitag added a second TD with a 57 yard run off-tackle. Zach Schmidt,Ted Gallagher and Chas Ellzey also contributed to the positive rushing attack. Jacob Gerson hooked up with Patrick Freitag for a 33 yard TD pass in the 2nd Half. Other Quarterbacks gaining valuble varsity minutes included Leighton Peters and Ben Gallagher. All three QBs were play-callers for a Raider scoring drive. 

Defensively, Chas Ellzey and Mark Baum led all players with total tackles. EllzeyDoeringCaleb Slaughter and Kipke all contributed to 4 sacks on the night. Our Defensive Line play was very impressive as we pushed, pulled, and pummeled our way to numerous pressure plays on their quarterback and held the Warrior rushing attack to 3 total yards. Patrick Freitag picked off a pass while Mark Baum recovered a fumble. Numerous big hits were given by EllzeyHarold EdwardsZach Schmidt and David Kipke. Our special teams play was also much improved from last week. As mentioned before Kipke delivered a sound game from his foot while Leighton Peters stepped in to punt at the last midnight hour due to injuries and performed like a seasoned veteran. Paul Black brought a kickoff return back to near mid-field and Marquelle Smithconverted a fake punt to a first down. 
The game concluded with an outstanding fireworks show, just one of many tributes to our school's centennial year. Friday night we will be facing the tough Center Yellowjackets at their place. See you there and I hope we can sing together after the game. Thank you for supporting our players.  

2010 vs Center Loss:13-21

As the team sat in the film room on Monday and began flipping through the pages of this week's scouting report they discovered that our focus this week was more about ourselves rather than our week 4 opponent. You see we learned a lot about ourselves this weekend. We learned that success does not just materialize before our face. You actually have to employ the gifts, skills, and talents with a focused purpose. Let me explain....

When we kicked off the ball against Center on Friday night something just didn't feel right. One of the players admitted coming out flat. The team had some great opportunities early in the game as we faced 1st and 10 from inside the Center 15 yard line but gave the ball up on downs. The defense surrendered huge gashing runs on what we had conditioned them to recognize as Center's bread and butter schemes. We were all frustrated and a bit disappointed with the lack of focus. All that being said, we trailed by just 12-points near the end of the 1st half of play. As the lightning rolled in we were given a great opportunity to regroup, refocus and see what a new day had in store for us.  

The team reported the next morning and we illustrated to them the mistakes, the missed opportunities and the potential to turn this game around. We acknowledged that how we responded in the second half of play was going to speak volumes for the character of this squad.  
As play resumed the defense was determined to read their keys and follow their individual responsibilities. They were rewarded with giving up just 3 points on the 2nd day. Offensively, the team began to gel. They came together to move the ball consistently in our power game and spread game. Unfortunately, it was too big of a hole to climb out of and we lost 21-13.   
I told the team afterwards that while we did make positive strides and the boys did respond appropriately on the second night that they were too talented of a group to rest on moral victories. What if we played Friday like we were capable of playing on Saturday? Unfortunately, it cost a loss to illustrate the pain of not giving your best effort all the time. This is a lesson I hope they remember. If they ignore or forget this weekend it will have truly been for nothing.  
So, their scouting reports this week are more about ourselves than our opponents. The players have made a list of 3-things they can control to help us reach our potential. With 43 players, that makes a potential improvement in 129 areas.... I like our chances...  
We kickoff tonight at 7:00pm at East High. It should be a beautiful night for football. I hope you can make it and sing with us when it's over.


2010 vs Northeast: Win 60-0

Last week we squared off against the Northeast Vikings in what turned out to be a runaway early. During the week we continued our focus on ourselves rather than our opponent stressing the importance of controlling the things we could control. By the end of the 1st quarter of play we held a 34-0 lead.

  Jacob Gerson ran for our first score behind a Marquelle Smith lead block on our first possession. Marquelle scampered in for our second score just 2 minutes later after a huge 40 yard Paul Black reception put us on the 5 yard line. Sean Fredette took an option pitch around end and was escorted into the endzone with a devastating block by our quarterback, Gerson. Jacob then hooked up with Luke Butler for a diving TD reception in the back of the endzone. Fredette ended the first quarter scoring explosion with a 31 yard TD run.   

The 2nd quarter saw Marquelle add his second TD run on the night and Chas Ellzey plunged in for our final score of the half. The 2nd half saw contributions from the younger players on our team. Shea Radel scored from 24 yards out in the 3rd quarter and Ben Gallagher added our final TD with an 18 yard QB keeper.   Dominating blocks by our offensive line really established the tone early. We all enjoyed watching a Sam FreitagMark Baum double team take a defender all the way off the field! Jay Tinsman drove Viking linemen backwards all night while Charlie Doering played another remarkable game as the captain of our front five.   
Defensively, 22 players earned defensive statistics! Harold Edwards and Patrick Freitag led all defenders with tackles and Josh Smith,Trisan ThreattAndrew Seligson and Zach Schmidt each pulled in an interception! Bill Doane recovered a Luke Butler forced fumble and freshman Charlie Mueller recorded a huge sack.    
David Kipke went 4/5 P.A.T. kicks and Zach Helder also put one through the Nebraska State Tree. Leighton Peters boomed 3 punts for a 33 yard average, 2 inside the 20 yard line. For the second week in a row, Tristian Threatt showed promise as a punt returner averaging 21 yards an attempt. Mike McRobert photos of the Northeast game, and all of our others, can be found at: www.raidernation.ihigh.com   
Just as exciting as our varsity game last week was the performance of our JV team last night against North Kansas City High School. The final score was 36-8 and ended with a magnificent goal line stand keeping the Hornets out of the endzone on four consecutive downs. It was a tremendous display of discipline and effort as the young 
Raiders took care of business, got back on the bus, went home, and did their homework before coming back to school this morning.    
As I drove home from the game I thought back to words David Kipke shared with the JV team the day before, "Most of us have never had the opportunity to play a team like North Kansas City (a large suburban school). Go up there and show them how we play football at Pembroke Hill!"    
Tonight we play rival Lincoln Prep here at 7:00. Our coaching staff is teaming up with the American Football Coaches Association in supporting Coach to Cure MD this weekend. Over 500 schools from high school to D1 colleges will show their support in raising awareness forDuschenne Muscular Dystrophy this weekend. For more information on this event and disease you are encouraged to view this brief video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbjc-J-OTgs&feature=channel    
Thank your for supporting our players and I hope to sing with you after the game!    

2010 vs Lincoln Prep Win: 69-8

Thank you for helping us support Coach To Cure M.D. Friday night. The weekend of 9/24/2010 was recognized by the American Football Coaches Association to raise awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. High School and college coaches from around the country used their venues in this effort. More information about CoachtoCureM.D. can be found here. http://www.parentprojectmd.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Coach_To_Cure_MD_Home

Friday night was remarkable. Each year the Lincoln Prep game is always a dog fight. However, the Raiders took the game and ran away with it in the opening minutes and never looked back.   
The coaches were impressed with how the team executed their individual responsibilities and in whole, the game plan. The first quarter saw scoring runs from Sean Fredette (15 yards), Marquelle Smith (6 yards), and Jacob Gerson (28 yards). Gerson would hook up TD passes with David Kipke from 25 yards and 35 yards out. The 2nd quarter was more of the same with Gerson scoring on a 1 yard plunge and a 5 yard toss to David KipkeMarquelle Smith scooted in on an impressive run right up the middle from 15 yards out. Not to be left out of the box score, the defensive squad was represented by a Mark Baum fumble recovery scoop and score from the 14 yard line following a Charlie Mueller quarterback sack and forced fumble. The 3rd quarter saw wholesale personnel adjustments to the younger players and they stepped right in for more of the same. Ben Gallagher ran a QB keeper in from 13 yards out. With the running clock the offense only had the ball for 2 possessions in the 2nd half and they did a great job building off their big win earlier in the week against North Kansas City.   
Offensive Line Play 
 Across our front line it was apparent that the boys were determined to inflict their will upon the Blue Tigers. TE's David KipkeLuke Butler andLeighton Peters played low and physical from the perimeter. Michael Burcham and Mark Baum  put on a clinic session for pulling technique as they led around for ball carriers like it was perfect play practice drill. Jay Tinsman continued his streak of dominating drive blocks while Sam Freitag and Reid McNearney demonstrated the ability to step into new positions on the line with proficiency. And of course, Charlie Doeringplayed another nearly flawless game as our center.   
The Raiders surrendered just 130 yards to the Blue Tigers on the night. Considering that Lincoln Prep took the last 12 minutes of the game to drive 99 yards for their lone score as time expired, the coaches were very impressed with both our varsity and JV squads. Fumbles were recovered by Tristan ThreattSean FredetteZach SchmidtCharlie Mueller, and Mark Baum! Linebackers Harold EdwardsChas Ellzey and freshman Alec Hursh led all tacklers. Edwards and Ellzey were recognized by KCTV5 for the "Taco Bell Crunch of the Week" for a big-hit highlight! Tristan Threatt and Zach Schmidt also picked of Blue Tiger forward passes bringing the turnover total to 6!   
Special Teams 
David Kipke continued his impressive ability to kick a ball 17 yards going 6 for 6 in P.A.T.'s. Zach Helder also booted a very impressive kick through the uprights using every vertical inch of our jumbo sized goal posts. Leighton Peters only had one opportunity to punt the ball and he made the most of it: 39 yards to the 1 yard line where Bill Doane downed the ball. Shea RadelTristan Threatt and Ted Gallagher did super jobs as return men for us. Their efforts to catch kicks and develop return yards allowed us great field position all night.   
Thanks once again to Mike McRobert who takes wonderful pictures of our football games. You can see his work as well as other highlights at our website www.raidernation.ihigh.com   
Next Game 
KCTV5 has nominated us for potential Team of the Week. You can show your support by voting for Pembroke Hill at:   http://www.kctv5.com/sponsors/20529129/detail.html   We face Christ Prep Academy this Saturday night at Shawnee Mission North at 7:00pm. We hope you can join us to sing after it's over. Thank you for supporting our players.    

University Academy: Win 30-28

I am pleased to report that after two consecutive seasons with 1-point victories over University Academy we managed to squeak out a 2-point win last week! The Pembroke Hill-U.A. rivalry is hitting on all cylinders now and next year's match-up is already the talk of the city.


Marquelle Smith got things started with a 41-yard sprint off tackle. Once he hit his stride is was all over, GONE. We have to give a little credit to his sprint coach Amy VelderMarqelle's perfect running form was top notch as he put up our first 6 points. Fellow sprinter Dylan Sen would add his own 41-yard TD run in the 3rd quarter which would even the score at 14. Jacob Gerson threw a nice play-action pass to a wide open David Kipke for a 15-yard TD pass to give us a lead and then Chas Ellzey's 4th quarter TD scamper up the gut from 17-yards out put the game out of reach for the quick striking Gryphons. With a game plan that included running the ball early and often blockers, Luke Butler, Mark Baum, Sam Freitag, Charlie Doering, Reid McNearney, Michael Burcham and David Kipke dominated a no-huddle ground attack. Rushers SenSmithGersonEllzeySean Fredette, and Patrick Freitag would average 7 yards a carry on the night.   In all the Raiders amassed 375 total yards and controlled the ball for 30:00 of the game.   
The most impressive defensive statistic, other than the time of possession, is the fact that the Gryphons were able to convert just 1 of 7 3rd down attempts! Zach Schmidt and Chas Ellzey led all tacklers with 9.5 and 7 respectively. Charlie DoeringMichael Burcham and Thatcher Anderson all recorded a sack totaling 21 lost yards for U.A. It was a gutsy hard hitting performance by our boys up-front. In the secondary Josh Smith and Andrew Seligson kept U.A.'s passing game under control as well.   

Special Teams 
David Kipke went 2 for 2 P.A.T. attempts and we converted twice on 2-point conversion attempts.   
Game Pictures 
You can see some great action photos and team family photos from Friday night at: www.raidernation.ihigh.com   
As you know homecoming week always brings it's unique, and fun, activities and distractions. The seniors participated in the Homecoming Parade to the lower campus yesterday where Arun Miryala chucked out LUX EFFULGEAT t-shirts to the throngs of adoring mighty mites. Russ Moore won the prize for the best opposing mascot in a parade float and was so inspirational that Dr. Bellis made a point of stopping me on campus to brag about Russ' caged Celtic.   
Yesterday afternoon the seniors had coat and tie networking luncheon with former football alumni. Former Offensive Line Coach Ashe Jones keynoted the event and shared some great stories of what it means to be a football player at Pembroke Hill.   Tonight we host the O'Hara Celtics for the opening round of District play. Come early and see past teams pass the game ball down the line to our 2010 team and beyond. Lisa Blevins has done a great job helping us put together a great line-up of football related alumni events this week. Thanks Lisa! We hope to see you there and sing with you after the game.    

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