About Skaught

Height:5 ft. 10 in.
Weight:200 lbs.

Professional: Skaught is a web developer for, and returning veteran of the early 2000-2001 iHigh team.  He has worked in a variety of database-driven environments for the past ten years, and gotten his fingers into practically every commercial and open source database available.  He has also worked with several content management systems like Mambo/Joomla and Drupal, a handful of wikis, and great scads of programming languages.  In the interests of staying flexible and relevant, he politely declines to declare a favorite technology in any arena.

Long ago, Skaught also worked as a bartender, and wrote obituaries for the local newspaper.  It's an interesting philosophical conundrum which of those occupations was more depressing.

Personal:  Skaught spells his name Skaught, but his parents and the mortgage company spell it Scott.  Depending on which region of the country you come from, those two spellings should be essentially homophonous.

Skaught drinks more coffee than you do.  Fer realsies.  This is not a challenge.  For your own health, please do not submit any invitations to a competition.

Skaught is married to Deanna, which is spelled Deanna, but not pronounced Deänna.  It's Deenah.  She drinks more iced tea than Skaught drinks coffee.

Skaught has two little girls.  They do not drink anything particular in embarrassing quantities, which is probably for the best.  They are both wicked cunnin', though.  (That's a Maine-ism.  Look it up.)

Teams & Activities

2012 - 2013
JJHS Bowlers '13
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Songs For Alec
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1992 - 1993
Noises Off!
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Proscenium - Oliver
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Video Highlights

Black Squirrel of Hopewell
00:02 Nerds!

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00:01 test 515
NetMediaOne Test 0808
00:09 Tag 789
The Road To The Alamo Dome - FBU National Championship Tournament Semi-Final - Dallas vs. Massachusetts
08:18 Here is the lineup. #75 is Josh Perkins. #83 is Rick Smith
AE test broadcastUpdate script
00:01 try on IE
Football University Presents TOP GUN - DAY 1 - LIVE SHOW - Williamsburg, VA
02:02 New at 2:02
Nike Peach Jam: 17U EYBL Championship Game
28:27 Here I am setting the play.


What is the most challenging part of playing sports?
Shin splints!
What are some of your favorite quotes?
"Do, or do not. There is no try." ~ Master Yoda
What are your best sports memories?
The perfect bullseye junior year.
What are your favorite College teams?
UK basketball! Go Cats!
Where do you want to go to College?
Transylvania University
What are your favorite Professional teams?
New England Patriots
Who are your favorite Professional athletes?
Takeru Kobayashi
What are some activities you enjoy?
Reading, running, drinking coffee
What are your favorite sports drinks?
Gatorade G2 blueberry-pomegranite
What are your favorite TV Shows?
The Amazing Race
What are your favorite books and magazines?
Scientific American, Psychology Today
What are your favorite sports brands and commercials?
ASICS, Under Armour


Aug 1, 2011

Starbucks COULD Make You A Better Cappuccino...

I love coffee.  I try all different kinds, from all different countries.  I have a little espresso machine at home, keep my whole beans in an airtight container, and have my own burr grinder.  I've been told I'm a coffee snob, and as much I was would like to get upset at the...Read more

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