Class of 2013
Monz H.
Warren Mott High School (WMHS)




About Monz

Height:5 ft. 6 in.
Weight:0 lbs.
Music & Sports are my life. I go to the International Academy of Macomb but my home school is Warren Mott. I play co-ed basketball at IAM and many other things at Mott.

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What is the most challenging part of playing sports?
I think the most challenging part of playing a sport would have to be morning practices and at times, practices in general. Also, if you are used to having your team win and you lose, that could also be difficult to handle for some.
What are your best sports memories?
My best sport memory byfar would be the first karate tournament that I participated in for 2008. I got first place in fighting and my form was .3 off of first. Afterwards I was still shaking from the rush. I will never forget.
What are your favorite College teams?
I don't have a favorite College team. I watch any games that seem interesting but I dont even have time to watch tv so...
Where do you want to go to College?
I want to go to Harvard or the Academy of Art University.
What are your favorite Professional teams?
I dont have a favorite Proffessional team. I watch any games that seem to be interesting but I dont even have time to watch tv so...
Who are your favorite Professional athletes?
I dont have any favorite Proffessional athlete.
What are some activities you enjoy?
I enjoy basically anything and everything.
What are your favorite sports drinks?
Monster(if that, Gatorade, Water!! =] I LOVE water.
What are your favorite TV Shows?
Fringe, House, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
What are your favorite books and magazines?
Harry Potter, Charlie Bone, Maximum Ride, Twilight, Uglies, and more.
What are your favorite sports brands and commercials?
Nike, and stuff. Idk. I really honestly dont care. I just play.


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