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Lots of live action in the 2011 National Championships. If you missed a game, check it out archived below!









Thursday and Friday iHigh Schedule

9:10 AM 5B-Texas BU All Starz vs Waco Kings 3G-Katy Rebels 2020 Red vs United Ballers 2020
10:20 AM 3B-All-Arkansas-Red vs Tigers 4G-Arkansas Dream vs D&R Lady Blue Devils
11:30 AM 3B-Arkansas Magic vs Victory Sports Eagles 4G-Capital City Lady Elks vs Dynamite
12:50 PM 5B-NOLA Westbank Select vs Solana Club 2018 3G-Shooting Stars vs. Katy Rebels 2020 Red
2:00 PM 3B-Total Package vs All-Arkansas-Red 4G-Lady Mavs vs. Arkansas Dream
3:10 PM 3B-Press vs. Arkansas Magic 4G-Lady Spurs vs Capital City Lady Elks
4:20 PM 4B-Arkansas Legends Elite vs Total Package 2019 3G-Junior Shooters Destiny vs. St. Philips Saints
5:40 PM 7G-Dream Team vs. Team Strive 2016 4B-Central Texas Starzz vs. Texas Pride Elite 2019
6:50 PM 7G-East Texas Magic vs. Garland Dream Team 4B-DeSoto Hoyas vs. Texas Hotshots 2019
8:00 PM 4B-South Texas Hoyas vs. Arkansas Legends Elite 3G-Lady Hawks vs. Junior Shooters Destiny
9:10 PM 7G-Killeen Triple Thread vs. NM Select Black 5B-Texas Knights 2018 vs NAOE Bulldogs
8:00 AM 10B-United Ballers vs Westside Force  
9:10 AM 10B-Reaching New Heights vs. West Texas Outlaws  
10:20 AM 10B-Baytown Bobcats vs. Tulsa Titans  
11:30 AM 10B-Texas Force Elite vs. United Ballers  
12:50 PM 10B-St. Philips Saints vs. Reaching New Heights  
2:00 PM 10B-LBA Seawolves vs. Baytown Bobcats  
3:10 PM 10B-L&S Air Walkers vs. Bara Select  
4:20 PM 10B-Houston Stealers vs. Texas Cowboys  
5:40 PM 10B-Texas Hotshots LP3 vs. West Texas Rockets  
6:50 PM 10B-Louisiana Knicks vs. L&S Airwalkers  
8:00 PM 10B-McKinney 2014 vs. Houston Stealers  
9:10 PM 10B-NSR Elite vs. Texas Hotshots LP3  
Friday FH 3 PSA 3
8:00 AM 7B-Dream Team Pflugerville Cougars vs. Houston Defenders 8B-I.O.C.B. vs. Cypress Thunder
9:10 AM 5G-Texas Swarm vs. Katy Rebels 2018 Black
7G-Lady Yellowjackets vs. Dream Team
10:20 AM 5B-Fort Worth Hornets-Grey vs Texas Triumph 8B-Flight 2015 vs. Colleyville Panthers
11:30 AM 7B-Houston Defenders vs. Elevation Elite 8B-Cypress Thunder vs. Arkansas Hawks Absolute
12:50 PM 5G-HG Elevation 4th/5th vs. JB Lady Ballers 7G-Dream Team vs. NT United
2:00 PM 5B-Texas Triumph vs Cavs Select 8G-Houston Elite Black vs. Higher Authority
3:10 PM 6G-West Texas Fuze-Miller vs. Team West
8B-Colleyville Panthers vs. Total Package
4:20 PM 4B-Arkansas Red Raiders vs. Central Texas Starzz 8G-Galveston Cyclones vs. TKO Select
5:40 PM 7G-Capital City Lady Elks vs. Flight 9
6G-Central Texas Lady Starzz vs. Cleburne Lady Jackets
6:50 PM 4B-Central Texas Starzz vs. Flight 9 Elite 8G-Higher Authority vs. Tyler Lady Flight
8:00 PM 8B-Dallas Bruins vs. Capital Area Rams 8G-TKO Select vs. Team Denton
9:10 PM 4B-Arkansas Legends Elite vs. Texas Force Elite 6G-Cleburne Lady Jackets vs. Killeen Lady Diamonds
8:00 AM 10B-United Ballers vs. El Paso Lightning 12G-AAG Elite vs. OKC Lady Primetime-Young
9:10 AM 10B-Reaching New Heights vs. Dallas Hoyas 12G-Aloida Eclipse HS Black vs. NT Shockers 2013 Nationals
10:20 AM 10B-Baytown Bobcats vs. CCYA Tigers 12G-CyFair Texas Heat vs. Texas Express Elite-Jones 2012
11:30 AM 10B-Mo City Ballers vs. Full Court Athletes 12G-Aloida Eclipse HS Red vs. MS Lady Cardinals
12:50 PM 10B-Pflugerville Ballerz vs. Houston Rimshakers 10G-Gatewood vs. Texas Express Elite-Collins
2:00 PM 10B-Texas Hotshots LP3 vs. Alodia Eclipse 2014 Red 10G-Hoop Hunter Hustlers vs. West Texas Fuze-JV
3:10 PM 10B-Full Court Athletes vs. Gulf Coast Gators 10G-S.E. Texas Hericanz vs. Texas Thunder
4:20 PM 10B-Houston Rimshakers vs. North Texas Pride-Harris 10G Gm TBD
5:40 PM 10B-TBD 12B Gm TBD
6:50 PM 10B-TBD 10G Gm TBD
8:00 PM 10B-TBD 10G Gm TBD
9:10 PM 10B-TBD 12G Gm TBD

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��� to Offer Live Video from PrimeTime Sports 2011 National Basketball Championship

Jul 26, 2011 • Primetime Sports, America's online high school community, announced today that basketball fans across the nation can view live video from PrimeTime Sports 2011 National Basketball Championship, which will be held July 28-31. More

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