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March 23, 2014
By Jimmy White of Prattville High School



Prattville High’s football team will have a group of young ladies associated with the team this fall.  The girls will not strap on chin straps or helmets, but will be there to help in any way possible.  Antonio “Bam” Richards, offensive line coach of the high school football team and Jessica Rape, Valerie Slay, Sarah Jones, and Jennifer Ellis, all teachers at the high school have volunteered as advisors for the program.

The 27 young female students will serve as ambassadors for the football program.

The group will be called Gridiron Girls.  Coach Richards will head up the program as the “CEO” of the organization.

“We will serve the football program with various programs to promote Prattville High football, such as community services, things like “Adolph A Mile.”  We plan to take the program into other schools as “Little Sister” Programs,

“We will be at the Autauga County Fair and other events in the community.  With this program we will be able to further enhance the success of Prattville High’s football programs.  It is a program that is strictly volunteers that will be associated as extracurricular activities.  Certainly it will help the participants to be successful adults in life,”  Richards stated.

“We will meet during activity periods at school as well as after school.  All our programs will be planned in cooperation with the school as well as organizations within the community.  We want to encourage the girls to be role models and leaders by example of our actions,” Jentzen Crook (President) and Logan Glover (Vice-President) said.

Other officers include Louise Margeson (second vice president), Emily Lenyo (secretary), and Gracie Churchwell (treasurer).

"Some of the events we will begin to assist include support of spirit for the school such as getting all our stuents to support the football team, especially as we have pep rallies,

"We will help with the team's seven on seven tournament in June. We envision having a student section to cheer the particiants during the tournament,

"We will have a cheering section at all the away games.  We look forward to the trip to Gulfport, Mississippi to lend support,

"We hope to have a uniform this fall and to be able to have a charter bus to away games.  Just anything we can do to assist the coaches and the football program," young Miss Glover and Crook added.

These  fundraiser events listed below have been scheduled-  

Pancake Breakfast at Applebee’s – April 12 (Gridiron Girls) -7-10 AM

Pancake breakfast at Applebee’s – May 10 (skill football) 7-10 AM

Pancake Breakfast at Applebee’s (OL/DL) 7-10 AM

Carwash (OL/DL) at Herrod’s Chevron May 17

Carwash (9th grade skill) at Herrod’s Chevron June 7

Car Wash (Skill football) – at Herrod’s Chevron - June 14

Car wash (Gridiron Girls) at Herrod’s Chevron – July 12

Grocery bagging (OL/DL) – May 10 at Food Outlet

Donations (Gridiron Girls) May 3 at Wal Mart

Donations (football players) April 26 at Wal Mart.



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