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Planet Athlete Post Grad Basketball Program..

April 16, 2012
By Lamont Hunt of Planet Athlete


Planet Athlete Academy is a national prep school with several satellite locations across the United States. Our focus is on the student athlete, preparing him or her for admission to a college or university based upon their athletic accomplishments. Our mission is to work with the Student Athlete and provide them with outstanding skills development, training, and exposure to college coaches and scouts. Planet Athlete Academies mission is to respond to the needs of high school Juniors, Seniors and Post-Graduate student athletes who require additional educational guidance and athletic training to prepare for the next level. 
Our goal is to develop the best student athletes in the United States. Our rosters are filled with top athletes from around the country, and the world who come to Planet Athlete Academies to experience what playing for a college program is all about.
Our daily schedule, individual workouts, academic study table and time management is structured exactly like a high major program. When student-athletes leave Planet Athlete they are prepared to succeed at the highest level of competition. 
Our National schedule begins in late October with the National Tip Off Showcase, and ends with the National Post Grad Athletic Conference Championship. Our Academy Teams will travel across the USA providing exposure to college coaches in different regions of the USA. 
Our Coaching and Administrative Staff have over the past years established successful track records in helping student athletes meet their educational and athletic goals. In order to accomplish our mission, Planet Athlete Academies provides a structured institution with published regulations and exercises reasonable discipline provided by concerned and caring role models. Our Programs are small enabling each Coach, well versed in his or her particular field, to devote more time to the individual athlete's needs. Our student body represents gifted athletes who have the opportunity to attain four-year athletic scholarships at NCAA Division I, II, & III Colleges and Universities and at NAIA Institutions. 
Our Program focuses on:
Strength Conditioning 
Speed and Agility
Life Skills
Academic Preparation (SAT & ACT)
Skills Development and Training 
Oral and Written Communication Skills (Planet Athlete Media Training Program)

The Core Fundamentals
Training programs are created around the core fundamentals of mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery. Proper mindset is needed before beginning any program in order to become focused and dedicated to reaching the desired goal, while nutrition provides the foundational support to maximize the benefits of training. Training movement patterns ensures that all exercises support the specific physical needs of athletes, while recovery provides essential regeneration of muscles, allowing the body to re-energize and prepare for the next day’s activity.
Individualized Training
In order to achieve maximum results, Planet Athlete builds training programs so that each athlete has a program tailored specifically to their individual goals. Before starting any program, a series of assessments are performed to measure an individual’s physical state. Nutrition consultations support training with pre- and post-training supplementation and meal strategies designed to maximize gains and help clients reach their body composition goals. These tests allow our specialists to create a customized and integrated training program designed to better support the needs and goals of each individual.
Education for Success
A major component of every training program is education. By providing education on proper movement, nutrition choices, and recovery techniques, athletes and clients are better prepared to improve their physical performance. At the same time, they're decreasing their potential for injury and creating sustainable performance during their athletic career and life, allowing them to continue their training outside of our facility.
World-Class Facilities
Planet Athlete Academies are operating within world class facilities that have state of the art equipment available for our athletes. An additional we have a world class staff of trainers and coaches assisting us in the development of every athlete. 

In selecting a student for admission to a Planet Athlete Academy, the School considers not only a student's high school grades, and College Board scores, but also his: 
Motivation to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate year 
Potential to succeed and graduate from Planet Athlete Academy 
Athletic ability (if pursuing a collegiate athletic scholarship) 
Character as an individual 
Ability to flourish in a competitive environment 


The majority of our students are graduates of high schools across the United States. For these students the NCAA limits additional academic preparation accept for SAT and ACT Review programs, and testing. We review each athlete’s academic history, transcripts, test scores, and design an individual test preparation program for each athlete. We have a small classroom environment, and can provide individual tutoring when necessary. 

Planet Athlete Academy is situated in our own building in East Orange, New Jersey, were we have our television, and recording studios. We have developed a state of art oral and written communication program that each athlete must pass. This program trains the athlete for sports announcing, broadcasting, journalism, and media occupations, while enhancing the necessary English, oral, and written communication skills necessary for the athlete to succeed on his SAT and ACT Exams, and in his or her college career. No other Post Grad Program in the World offers this type of Media Training Experience. 

To help make this determination, the following procedures are required of all applicants: Call or write to the Admissions Office to request an application package. Send in the Application along with the Basketball Questionnaire (if appropriate) and a copy of the student's school transcripts and SAT or ACT Test Exam scores. The applicant should also send a (highlight) film, if one is available. After a thorough review by both the Academic and Athletic Departments, a determination will be made as to whether an onsite visit is required or warranted. The Admissions Office conducts interviews Monday through Friday and on weekends by special arrangement. If distance or other restrictions make the visitation process difficult, the Academy may provide for an alternate method of interview and evaluation in its admission procedure. Typically, the visit begins with a guided tour of the campus and facilities, includes with an interview by the admissions officer. 
A fully completed application is required at this time, if we are to complete the admissions procedure.
Upon acceptance a fully executed Enrollment Contract must be completed 


Full Post Grad Program - $6,000.00 
(September 15th-March 15th)
Equipment/Supply Kit - $500.00
Total Post Grad Program Costs - $6,500.00
Tuition Payment Plans
Full Payment - $6,000.00 (Discounted if paid by Augus1st)
Monthly Payment Plan
Down Payment - $3,500.00
Balance - $3,000.00
$500.00 per month – (Sept 1st, Oct1st, Nov 1st, Dec 1st, January 1st, Feb 1st)

Post Grad Boarding Program - $3,000.00 Paid in Full by August 1st
Should the Athlete need a Boarding Option we provide a Double Room (1 Roommate in Room with Meal Plan of Breakfast & Dinner Daily). 

Tournament/Showcase Travel
All tournament and showcase registration, travel, and hotel costs included in tuition. Athletes must pay for meals while traveling. 

Medical Insurance
Every Player must prove medical insurance or purchase an insurance plan via our Academy.

*All Payments are Non-Refundable, and Planet Athlete Reserves the right to terminate program for non-compliance with payment plan or failure of athlete to adhere to our rules and regulations. Such as no drugs, alcohol, smoking, fighting, and profanity. Please see Student/Parent Handbook. 

Please go to www.planetathlete.org for more information and instruction on how to apply for Planet Athlete Academy.

Note: Additional games are scheduled for Post Grad Basketball program, only Tournament/Showcase Schedule is shown.


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