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Lovejoy: The END of athletics in Clayton County

May 14, 2012
By Truly Blessed of Phi slamma jamma

Lovejoy making it to the state championship in football may be the best and the worst thing that could have happened to Clayton County athletics. You may not understand where I am coming from but you will by the end of this article.

Let’s look at the pros. I am not talking about Tershaud Choice and the several other NFL players who played for Lovejoy; I am speaking of the pros of Lovejoy being so successful. First it brings much needed attention to Clayton County athletics. There are a lot of talents kids in the county that do not get the recognition they deserve. With the noise Lovejoy made this year I am sure that all eyes are on Clay Co. Second the opportunities for our kids to go on to the next level have greatly increased. With over 150 college coaches at the spring ball game, there are endless scholarships floating around Tara Blvd. Last but not least it brings a since of pride back to the county. We are not what we used to be in the 80’s but we are not what they say we are in the news.

The bad side is that all the attention that Lovejoy is getting will kill the rest of the high schools in the county. With new laws being passed that students can go to any school in the county, who wouldn’t go to Lovejoy? When you can do well academically and athletically it’s a no brainer, GO TO LOVEJOY. The community is one of the best in the county and the school made it to state in almost every sport. Why go to Morrow of Forest Park High and struggle to win a football game when you can go to Lovejoy and almost guarantee a state championship?

With schools like Charles Drew popping up and also being successful you may say what I speak of is not true. It all depends on what you call success. Yes Drew also went to the state championship game in boys basketball but the difference is, is that you don’t see scouts beating the doors down to get there players like you do at Lovejoy. Coach Hughes has built a program down there in Lovejoy land and I don’t see that train stopping any time soon. My prediction is that Lovejoy will have 6 state championships in the next 10 years in multiple sports.

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