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The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.


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Park Center Board Meeting

August 26, 2013

Attendees:  Bob DuBois, Pat Simonet, Chris McMorris, Chris VanderHyde, Diane Schaub


Treasurer report: 

Everyone received the budget sheet for review.   Pat went over Actual compared to budget report.   We ended the year on a positive note due to;   Income from the summer camp and the tournament hosted on Memorial Weekend. 

 Goal is to have the 2013-14 budget finalized by late October.     

We will not be budgeting for an overnight trip and a coach which were two significant costs from last year. 

Concession stands numbers down.    Few reasons may have been.   

We had to purchase the beverages from the district.  

Boys Basketball took away from our attendance

 Band was only at a few of the games.      

Insurance and Transportation:   

The district now requires all organizations, including boosters club to carry general liability insurance in order to hold meetings, events, or to run the concessions stand on school property.   Bob has shared with other boosters clubs options to join together with the insurance.  Bob will talk with Rob and update with more information.  

Tax ID Number:    Bob will check the status of our tax number, should have received it. 

Transportation Cost:    Rob is still working on this with the district.   We will budget for transportation.    

Fund Raiser:

MYAS Tournament Bob will try and get a tournament during the season but may have to take the April date.

Half time fund raisers.

Mega Saver Cards (approved) will have the blitz after a practice all teams have to participate.  Pizza after the blitz.    Need to determine how many cards each player should sell. 

Working the BPTBL concession/scorekeeping for their January tournament if they would need assistance.

Concessions at home games

Vice President:

Carla suggestion for concession:    Gourmet lollipops, sell at various holiday (ex) valentines.  Christmas. Cost is about 160.00.  Board approved to purchase.

Volunteer Coordinator: 

(New this year ) Teacher appreciation (still working on details) possible date December 10th.

Alumni Night and youth night (4th grade) set for January 4th.   

Coaches vs. Cancer set for February 18th, possible double header (TBD) game against Champlain.

Parent Senior Night:  Set for February 28th 2014.

 Player Program:  Would like to have player program for all the home games.    Obtain ad’s to try and pay for the program.   Insert traveling team’s pictures.

Volunteers to help with the Website, Photography and year-end video.   Ideas using Parent/parents from each team taking pictures, team managers or students from the school. 

Banquet date scheduled for Wednesday March 26th, @ Edinburgh.   Pat will send out the deposit. 

Coaches Corner:

November 18th start of practice.  

Fall league 10 games $495.00 played on Sunday evenings.   Pat will finalize payment with credit card.

Holiday Tournament for JV and Varsity set for December.      Looking for a tournament for the Fresh/Soph team. 

Clothing for players, Bob will contact the distributor that traveling uses and get a catalog for Chris to review. 

Pictures and Blitz (good time to take the picture for the banner).  Possible date 23rd?  Chris will contact David Banks.

Wish List Items:   possible items Video Camera, huddle, new basketball.   Chris will look into what is needed and update the board. 

Youth Program Ideas

Running Clinics for the younger players.  Inviting them to attend Varsity Practices.  

Running summer camps/clinics. 

One of the youth night schedule for December 17th, maybe have a clinic on the 14th.


Meetings will be held on the 1st Monday of each Month. 

Insurance (see note above) TBD

Kick-off/Parent meeting will be held after tryouts. 

Youth night Schedule:  12/17, 1/3, 1/17, 1/24, 1/30th.  

Rob is very open to having student discount nights, having half time activities.   We just need to communicate what we would like to do at the games. 

Concussion testing, Chris McMorris thought his company can do the testing cost $1.50 per student we would need to get 75 kids to register.  This can be done at the school in the computer lab.   Need to confirm with Dan the trainer.   Chris will get more information to Bob. 

Parent Volunteer Requirements this is something that needs to be stressed at the Kick-off meeting.     We will have the sign-up sheets/Requirements for the volunteer activities at the Parent/kick-off meeting.   

Wish list to submit to the traveling program.    New scoreboard, Chairs for the teams. 

Miscellaneous Note:

Location of the camera from last year?    

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Next Board meeting will be in October after Chris meets with Rob.