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7-14-14 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2014
Park High School Volleyball

7-14-14 Meeting Minutes:

In attendance:

Lori Classert

Dot Vogel

Diana Getzlaff

Shelley Mortenson

Heather Novotny

Chad Gorman (cookie guy)


Approved last month’s meeting minutes.


Treasurers Report:

  • No report.


    Coaches Report:

  • Aug 11th Tryouts, 3:30-5:30, 6-8 (for 2 weeks), teams chosen 8/13.  

  • Aug. 22nd JV/Varsity scrimmage at Hastings 4:30.  Other teams will practice same times that day.

  • Aug. 25th start schedule of 3:30-5:30 practice.

  • Aug. 28th Parent night vs. Simley, different program from last year TBD (keep short & sweet)

  • Oct. 9th vs. WBL Senior Night

  • Oct. 9th vs. WBL Dig Pink Night, order form to school with players to sell shirts, only order # of shirts that we get paid for.  No baskets.    Kids will get shirts at school day before the game.

  • Big City Luau (Kokoro tournament), 1/31 & 2/1, email out to Phil.  Waiting to hear if gym space is available.  We can charge admission for this tournament.

  • Decided against basketball fundraiser options that Phil mentioned due to our banquet being on the night that it was going to work (10/26).

  • Oct. 26th Banquet Date.  In the process of checking Mississippi Dunes and possibly Tinuccis, Willies Hidden Harbor

  • Placed orders for t-shirts today, we will owe $790 for practice shirts.  Camp shirts paid through camp budget.  Similar shirts.  30 days to pay after they are delivered.  Not paying for warm ups.  Practice shirts are $90 more than what was budgeted.


    Volleyball Registration (open online July 11th)


    Cookie Fundraiser:

  • East Ridge/Hastings cookie sales, 8/15 – 8/22

  • 90%  Oltman students come to Park, 10% CGMS come to Park

  • Money bag 50/50 between cookie guy and us

  • $995 in money bag, 103 picks out of money bag.  138 boxes – top seller.  Something at 30 boxes ($30.00), something at 40 boxes, something more at 50 boxes.  Burnsville did short sleeve t-shirt and socks at 30, sweatshirt at 40.    Last year we did 1664 boxes, made $10,900.80, 19 boxes a girl, 86 involved.

  • Kick off Parent, Cookie, and Fundraiser Meeting - Wednesday 9/3, 6:00.  Parents and players of middle and high school.  Cookie sales 9/3 - 9/15 (Mon).  Chad to come collect Wed. 9/17.  Cookie delivery 10/8.

  • Coach D meeting with Middle School coaches end of July (they should be at cookie meeting too)

  • Incentive sweatshirts will be different than items that can be purchased.

  • Coach D to meet with cookie guy about incentive choices and dates on 7/31 7:00pm.


    Heritage Days Parade (Aug. 16th):

  • CGAA meeting this Sunday, we will check with Shelley after that to see what their plan is.


Next Meeting:  Monday, August 4th  6:00pm

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