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6-9-14 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2014
Park High School Volleyball

Present:  Diana Getzlaff, Dot Vogel, Pat Schwartz, Lori Classert, Laura Gandara

The minutes for last month’s meeting was approved.

Laura provided a treasurer’s report.  She is working on tracking down a box of check for the checking account that the bank said was sent to school.  If she cannot find, she will have bank cancel those and reprint and have sent to her home address.

There is one outstanding check to pay to Community Ed. and Laura plans to pay this week.

Coach Diana will draft a note to be sent to players about the planned summer activities and encourage players to enroll in camp.  To date there are approximately 20 players signed up.  She hopes to have the camp and practice shirts ordered very soon.  Once teams are formed, game day and dig pink shirts will be ordered for teams. 

Dot is coordinating players to participate in the Strawberry Fest parade on June 21.  She will be using her truck and has acquired Park Volleyball stickers to put on the truck windows. 

The Heritage Days parade is scheduled for August 16.  Lori will check on availability of trailer to use for a float.

Coach Diana was planning to use proceeds from camp for the purchase of gear for the coaches this season.  If camp numbers are low, she may ask for funding for this.

Laura is the volleyball rep for the Park Booster Club’s insert group.  There is a possibility that volleyball may need to pay for their own pages and if that is the case, funds will need to be allocated to cover this cost.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 14 at 7:15 in the Media Center.

Submitted by: Lori Classert

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